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A Whole New World

Mysterious and exciting soundtrack featuring piano and orchestra.

White Walls

Classical and emotional rich track, soft and beautifully dressed within a narrow orchestration. Driven by vibrant strings, fluent brass and the grand piano. Mid part intensifies in arrangement and sets the stage for a bigger, higher and ore glorious adventagous sound. Closure is realized in the pian...

Lovely passion (Romantic emotional piano)

Romantic piano with strings, creating an atmosphere of love and emotional mood. Combined with holiday, romance, wedding, commercial projects, animation, slideshow, etc.

Dramatic piano (Sad optimistic background)

Dramatic piano paced story with different tools , ideal for video sequences with disturbing dark atmosphere.

Emotional piano background (optimistic, inspirational, hopes)

Sorrowful emotional piano composition with a feelings atmosphere and sadden mood. Combined with dramatic, sad, social videos, slideshows, commercial projects, etc.


A modern and energetic piece gradually increasing in excitement guided by a warming grand piano!

Scary halloween horror

Terrible otherworldly track with a dark atmosphere of Halloween and intense mystical mood.

Action hip-hop drama

A short composition of hip-hop with a bright atmosphere of action and a dramatic mood. Contains piano, strings and percussion. Combines with video hip-hop themes, dramatic video and background in presentations.

Fall and rise (documentary hopes)

Quiet documentary background with piano and strings, creating a fascinating atmosphere of hope and anxious mood. It combines with dramatic, tragic and documentary video, as well as nostalgic and memorable slideshows.

Documentary nostalgic piano

Quiet and touching piano, creating a nostalgic atmosphere and a sad mood. Combined with dramatic thoughtful videos and slideshows.

Electronic energetic sport background

Energetic e-sports background with a powerful energizing atmosphere and unsettling mood.

Classic hope aspirational background

Classic optimistic background with piano, strings and wind, creating an atmosphere of hope and nostalgic mood.

Epic emotional inspiring intro

A hopeful and inspiring epic Intro with a great atmosphere and soulful mood.

Documentary orchestral dramatic background

Intense dramatic composition with orchestra, strong disturbing atmosphere and sad mood.
Yann Keerim
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