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Signal To Begin

This is an uplifting, hopeful, inspiring, motivating, and positive pop track. Ideal for corporate videos, advertisements, commercials, and promotional videos. The featured instruments are the acoustic piano, and synthesizer.

Motivational Trap Music - Run & Score

UpBeat Trap Instrumental Feature Brass, Drums & 808. Sounds like Gucci mane, Lil Durk & Lil baby. Hard trap track, Possibly for radio playing during a Motivational Sport event or a HipHop Podcast, NASCAR races, UFC fights, or promotions for products like Cars Wheels & Clothing or Electric Devices. I...

Corporate Video Upbeat Background

Elevate Your Content with "Corporate Video Upbeat Background". When it comes to setting the perfect tone for your projects, "Corporate Video Upbeat Background" is your ultimate choice! This dynamic and uplifting music track is meticulously crafted to infuse your content with boundless energy, mot...

Fragile Earth

Plaintive, emotional piano-based piece which is designed for visuals with references to climate change, natural disasters and ecological challenges. Very slow piano chords hint at a sense of desolation and foreboding. Backing textures hint at urgency and increasing danger. A rising string phrase tow...

Prepare For Victory (Impending Battle)

Orchestral mid-tempo action adventure with an exotic flavour theme. Hypnotic groovy tension

Edge Of The Blade (Epic Adventure)

Symphonic dangerous epic. Tensive confrontational and heroic impact energy. Enchanting and glorious at the same time.

Crusades (Epic Adventure)

Orchestral slow force growing to the reach of heroic discovery adventure enterprise.

Logo12, Inspiration Futuristic

A inspiring, motivating, cool, and futuristic sound logo. Perfect for corporate logos, jingle and eyecatch in news, science, exercise videos, etc.

Full of Motivation

A motivational track using strings, brass, and drums to give an inspiring feeling to projects about pursuing dreams, achieving goals, setting milestones, and anything that needs an optimistic feeling. Full version: 2:14

Tireless Kids

A playful and carefree music track with a fun and light-hearted atmosphere. It features pizzicato strings, bassoon, glockenspiel, piano, bells, percussion and funny sound effects. Perfect for fun vlogs, funny animals videos, The Dodo, animation sequences, game apps, cartoons, comedy series, educatio...

Epic Emotional Promo

A beautiful, engaging piano and orchestra track, featuring delicate piano, bright strings, heavy brass and huge choir. Intimate beginning, building to a big climax. Styled for ads, commercials, promo, trailer, corporate, youtube and media projects about discovering the unknown, going to space, mars ...

Epic Cinematic Promo

A heroic, triumphant orchestral track, featuring bright strings, heavy brass, signature guitar textures, atmospheric percussion and top-notch sounddesign. Suspenseful beginning, building to a glorious climax. Styled for ads, commercials, promo, trailer, corporate, youtube and media projects about di...

Building Cinematic Inspiration

An epic, inspirational track, featuring electric guitar, emotional piano, lush strings, heavy brass and light percussion. Creating a powerful, heroic mood. Facing challenges, reaching goals, overcoming obstacles, conquering dreams, achievement. Perfect for ads, promo, commercials, trailers, sports, ...

Powerful Epic Promo

A massive, bold hybrid orchestral rock track, featuring expressive strings, heavy brass, cinematic percussion, huge choir, distorted guitar, rock drums and bass. Styled for promo, trailer, ads, commercials, corporate, youtube and media projects about modern heroes, firefighter, police, achieving goa...

Building Confident Inspiration

A dynamic, inspirational orchestral track, featuring piano, beautiful strings, light woodwinds, big brass, snare drum and powerful cinematic percussion. Starting with a playful piano motif, multiple levels of build, leading to a strong climax. Facing challenges, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles...

Building Emotional Inspiration

A confident, engaging modern orchestral track, featuring pop piano, light short strings, expressive string melodies, pulsating textures and big drums. Starting with emotive piano chords, multiple levels of build, many edit points, leading to an epic climax. Facing challenges, reaching goals, overcom...

Building Engaging Inspiration

A determined, motivational orchestral track, featuring light piano, energetic short strings, expressive string melodies, playful percussion and epic drums. Starting with a simple but catchy motif, multiple levels of build, many edit points, leading to a sweeping climax. Facing challenges, reaching g...
Yann Keerim
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