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Far Away

Far Away is an acoustic folklore song about hope and adventure. It features female vocals with lyrics, oud, acoustic guitars, and groovy drums. It is excellent as background music in movies, films, advertisements, video games, and more. Lyrics: Away Far away All the fields of green Lie Beneath the...

What Child Is This Guitar and Strings

A Christmas carol classic, “What Child Is This”. Full of hope and expectation. Led by emotional acoustic guitar, and joined with the sound of warm lush strings.

What Child Is This

Spanish flamenco version of a classic christmas song. Nylon guitars as lead and rhythm with handclaps, tambourine, and pizzicato strings. Somber serious intro that transitions to a driving flamenco groove. Great for world seasonal content, holiday themed commericals/ads, and travel vlogs

Kick The Habit

Hard hitting & intense industrial rock with EDM elements. Distorted guitars and synth drones along with driving drum groove. Gritty and powerful suitable for action scenes and sports related content

Jingle Bells

Pop Punk version of the classic christmas song. Heavy distorted guitars with aggressive drums and bass. Happy high school summer vibe. Fast and fun great for modern holiday programming and teenage lifestyle content

Green Oahu

Laid back and chill hawaiian ukelele track. Summer & hawaiian vacation vibes. Great for travel content, relaxing programming, and vacation vlogs

Bright and delicate tune

A light, transparent, bright and delicate, mid-tempo, easy-going and melodic tune. Good for commercials, visual presentations, corporate messages and more. Joyful, Easy going, pretty and quaint. Green values, environment friendly, cosy and reassuring.

Sunny Morning

Light, happy and uplifting song with glockenspiel, guitar and soft drums.

Indie Pop

Powerful, energetic pop rock with electric guitars and vocal accents.

Organic Lifestyle

Organic Lifestyle is a light and uplifting piece of guitar music with claps which turns into an uplifting piece of music. It creates positive feelings. Perfect music for commercials and presentaion for organic products and health products.

Vietnam Landscape

An ethnic, peaceful track featuring Chinese zither „gu zheng“, asian bells and a beautiful violin melody. Imagine yourself watching over vegetated mountains or endless green rice fields. That’s Vietnam Landscape.

Christmas Snow

Uplifting and cheerful Christmas track, perfect background music for your holiday season projects, adverts, promotional videos, radio and more. This track features orchestral elements such as strings, glockenspiel, bells, piano, percussion, sleigh bells and choir

A Haunting Christmas

Haunting and moody Christmas music. Perfect accompanying music for your holiday season projects, adverts, promotional videos, vlogs, radio and more. This track features orchestral elements such as string and woodwind instruments, glockenspiel, bells, piano, percussion, sleigh bells and choir

There's Gonna Be A Revolution

This is a pop rock song. It is youthful, upbeat, inspiring, and fun. Great for scenes involving youth excitement and fun, awesome or inspiring events, parties, cool action packed scenes, etc. It has a fast tempo.

Fragile Planet

Soft and ethereal Ambient Chillout music with hypnotic piano cadence and warm pads. Drums and harmonious strings increase the inspirational atmosphere of this piece. Great for nature documentaries, drone videos, beauty and wellness related productions, this track is particularly suitable for conveyi...

Corporate Explainer Presentation

Uplifting and inspiring background music for corporate presentations with perfect structure for explainer videos: soft piano introduction, energetic orchestral main part, suspended and floating brake, orchestral reprise, piano ending arpeggio for logo reveal. Confident, optimistic mood.
Yann Keerim
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