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Feeling Home

Warm and breezy country folk music with fingerpicking acoustic guitar, piano, fiddle violin and drums. Peaceful soothing campfire atmosphere, with a nostalgic yet uplifting feeling. Perfect for productions targeting families, real estate promos or biological and green-friendly campaigns.

Window Shopping (Acoustic Lounge Jazz) - 3 versions

A cool and mellow lounge jazz piece that was originally composed for a retail shopping project. It is available in 3 project ready edits and works well with branding and retail shopping campaigns, corporate and business projects, presentations, commercials and any other Tv and radio advertising.

Celtic Winds

Suitable for movies, commercials, YouTube, Instagram videos, innovative videos, websites, video games.

Autumn Scents

Descriptive and beautiful music composed for piano solo, nice and elegant, played with expressiveness, this piece recalls the nostalgia and intimacy moments from autumn, with the colored landscapes in green, red, yellow and brown from the trees and the ground plenty of fallen leaves. Enjoy!

Our Delicate Planet

A beautiful minimal track featuring piano and atmospheric pads. Ideal for projects visualising earths delicate environment, commercials, time-lapse videos and a huge variety of other projects.


Jon plays a custom-made Greenfield guitar and dedicated this tune to the maker. From Moonrakers' album "Tides"

Heart Of Africa

Cheerful african folk music with rhythmic percussions and mallets patterns, acoustic guitars and nice, positive tribal choir. With its joyful, bright mood, this track is perfect for travel blogging videos, documentaries and Africa-related media productions.

Good Morning Africa

Cheerful African folk music with an upbeat, positive vibe. Featuring different ethnic instruments (marimba, ukulele, percussions and acoustic/electric guitar) and backing vocals. Perfect for documentaries, travel vlogs, non-profit or ecological campaigns.

Sweet Melody

Cheerful and easy acoustic music, introduced by catchy music-box like melody, the track features nice ukulele and acoustic guitar strumming, piano and sweet whistle melody. Carefree, joyful mood, perfect for corporate or business related projects, children-oriented campaigns, productions for familie...


Organic and warm pop with an optimistic and hopeful mood.

Building Dreams

Positive and evolving corporate track with a hopeful mood.

Dream Catcher

Hopeful and optimistic song with an evolving arrangement.
Yann Keerim
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