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Downtown Shuffle (Catchy Upbeat Motown funk groove)

Fast upbeat 60s/70s-inspired funk song. Featuring shuffled drums, jazz flute, electric piano, bongos, tambourine, and funky guitar.

Little Spider Kids Fun

Fun short musical theme to be used in a game, cartoon, app, commercial or other production. The idea behind the piece is a small spider suddenly walking by and hiding again. The instruments could be thought of as the spider’s legs and when the theme suddenly stops it is hidden.

Hidden Dreams Under My Hoodie [Nostalgic Trap Beat]

Nostalgic and dreamy ambient trap song with bells, modern leads, saturated DX7, piano, 808, sub bass, inspiring pads and a pulsing trap beat – best for advertising, background music, urban, nostalgic, sad and dreamy related content.

Scary Horror Theme

A scary horror theme, something you would expect to hear as a film underscore when walking in an abandoned mansion or insane asylum haunted by souls of the damned. Instrumentation includes a spooky lofi piano, cello, music box, wailing guitar, double bass and some bass effects. Includes five versio...

Walking You Home

Soft and graceful acoustic folk fingerpicking, with shimmering melodies. Ideal for romantic & sentimental advertising, family videos and friendly content.

Kindliness (Cheerful upbeat music)

Light spring music with an optimistic atmosphere and a cheerful mood. Combined with presentations, social, training videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Spring rise (Upbeat urban music)

Simple urban music with a spring atmosphere and an optimistic mood. Combined with presentations, technologies, training videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Holding Hands Walking

Romantic and sentimental track with guitars, piano, and soft synths. Perfect for wedding videos, love stories, Valentine's day, advertising, TV projects, and much more.

Walking Through The Sunny Garden

Instrumental acoustic corporate music, composed for acoustic guitars, piano, percussion and hand claps, perfect for commercial projects and advertising, also great for films, tv series and podcast.

Be Carefree [Laid Back Podcast Intro Soft Rock Alternative]

Cool indie carefree music. Upbeat, uplifting, driving and easy listening track featuring rhythm and muted guitars, catchy melody and whistling. Evokes happiness, confidence, joy, wellness and motivation. perfect for promotional videos, carefree videos, cooking videos, home videos, advertisements,...

Walking Through the Snow Market

An instrumental orchestral cinematic style Christmas-themed track with a very happy and cozy vibe.

Sunny Summer

Beautiful brazilian song to enjoy with a sunset at the beach. Featuring acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, strings and harp.

Walking Along The Seashore

An inspiring, relaxed music piece, with a lovely acoustic guitar, flutes, light strings, and percussion. Best for landscapes, love stories, or nature footage.

Side Stride

A playful funky House track with a bouncy bass line and a cheeky walking synth melody. A Quirky up to date tune for children with plenty of attitude.

Bo's Groove

A cool 1960s vibe with a live band feel, this jazzy track rolls along with walking jazz bass and funky beats.
Yann Keerim
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