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Before Sunrise

Advertising tech commercial background. Best for presentations and promos

Medical Advances

Contemporary, unobtrusive, cue designed to support visuals involving healthcare technology. Gentle guitar harmonics and soft piano chords, with soothing synthetic sweeps give a sense of understated confidence and simplicity – important attributes for promoting heath products, advanced technology, ...

Fake Body Parts

This composition exudes confidence and grandeur, making it an ideal choice for reality shows and dramedies. With a commanding hip-hop beat, punctuated by pizzicato strings, violins, xylophones, and woodwinds, it delivers a unique blend of musical elements that will elevate any production seeking a h...

Ambient Inspiring Corporate

light, inspiring background, and atmospheric corporate track. Soft deep piano, atmospheric ambient textures, mute guitars,melodic piano, and ambient pads. Perfect for your media project.

Neutral Bed

Friendly calm background track consisting of marimba, piano, celeste and rhythmic elements.

Building Confidence

An optimistic, confident track, featuring warm electric piano, bright strings, bouncy percussion and mildly distorted electric guitar. Starting with a catchy rhodes motif, multiple levels of build, held down by an infectious mid-tempo beat, leading to a fuller final section. For stories that inspire...

Cinematic Documentary Background

A cinematic unobtrusive background track featuring piano, percussion, guitar, strings, synths and percussion. Works well for documentaries, movies, product presentations, explainer and technology videos, etc.

Self Confidence [PACK]

Self Confidence is an energetic and upbeat pop-rock song featuring an upbeat groove and catchy melodies. Perfect soundtrack for commercials, sports montages, corporate videos, YouTube videos, films, TV, and any projects that need a triumphant, energetic music track with positive life messages.

Flamenco Dance [PACK]

This is a piece of classic music from the Latin Flamenco genre. The tune could be useful in movies, TV adverts and reality shows, lifestyle videos, vacation, and many more applications.

A powerful, uplifting Coldplay style song

A powerful, uplifting Coldplay style song with many U2 elements and soaring guitar lead. Gives a spirited, motivating feeling to your production. It captures the emotions and inspiration that Coldplay and U2 are famous for. Great for corporate videos, instilling confidence and success.


Motivational track accepting ones self, walking their path unapologetically. Suitable for film, movie, tv, Youtube Series, background or score.

Is Corporate Motivational Background Music

Motivational and background track expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Corporate track is perfect for movie trailers, teasers, advertising, games, presentations and other commercial projects!

Military Epic Percussion

A rising epic tribal drums. Perfect for film/game trailers, commercials, epic videos, military projects and so on.

Corporate Innovation

A motivational, inspirational and uplifting corporate track. It features keys, synths, electric guitar with delay, bass, percussion and drums. Perfect for advertising, commercials, marketing, presentations, slideshows, startups, vlogs, montages and tutorials.

Cinematic Motivational Pop

'Cinematic Motivational Pop' is an upbeat and uplifting modern classical, pop and cinematic music track, featuring strings, orchestra, horns, piano, drums and bass. It will work great for company-, NGO- or product presentations, as well as for keynotes, slideshows, commercials, wedding films, on Yo...
Yann Keerim
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