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Flamenco Dance

This is a piece of classic music from the Latin Flamenco genre. The tune could be useful in movies, TV adverts and reality shows, lifestyle videos, vacation, and many more applications.

spanish night

characterized by acoustic guitars borrows very different forms, depending on the regions of Spain, sometimes influenced by those of other ethnic groups. Various atmospheres,from classic flamenco to la Malaguena accompanied by strings and piano for a journey into Spanish culture. Relaxed,determined,...

Cheerful Holidays

Cheerful and positive Christmas track is created using ukulele, cajon, piano, percussion, bells and strings. it is perfect for your New Year's or children's film as well as of slide show or a holiday presentation.

Happy and Inspiring Acoustic

Cheerful and upbeat acoustic track that features acoustic guitars, percussion, cajon, bass and marimba. It is very melodic and it can be used perfectly in a different variety of projects like Youtube videos, vlogs, cooking shows, intros, advertisements, promos, commercials, kids shows and more.

Inspiring Acoustic Ballad

Incredibly inspiring and motivational acoustic track that features acoustic guitars, cajon percussion, acoustic bass, marimba, and an ethereal synth melody. It is great for corporate use like presentations, promos, commercials, advertisements and more. It is also great for kids shows and family orie...

Spanish Fever

A fierce summer spanish track filled with guitars, castanets, claps and cajons. An ideal track for dancing, celebration, romance, travel and more. Available in 15s, 30s and Full Versions.

Epic Latin Drums

Energetic action drums with a lot of latin percussion. You can hear cajon, cabasa, guiro, shekere, clave, timbales, roto drums, shakers and tambourine. Groove in track slowly rising and peaking at the end. This track is perfect for media related to sport activities, brazilian and african natives, ex...

Waves from the Mediterranean

Acoustic traditional music, composed for piano, guitar, mandolin, accordion and other classical instruments like violin and cello. The mood is very optimistic and happy. the rythm is very friendly and is leaded by a cajon.


Instrumental music made for orchestra. The music is very near to classical and soundtrack music and fits very well in movies and films into elegant scenes as a background and descriptive solemn situations. Some instruments are violin, cello, piano, harp, horns and percussion. The main melody in stro...

Home Thoughts

Sparse sounding traditional celtic sounding tune with mandolin and cajon

Sunny Moments

Featuring a groovy ukulele this sunny acoustic track tells about freedom and summer moments. Beside Ukulele its featuring piano, cajon percussion and a violin.

Percussion Bongo & Cajon

Percussion track featuring Bongo drum and Cajon . Great for video production, advertising, sports, television broadcasting and more...

Spain Flamenco

Spain in your hands ! Melodic rumba with spanish guitar melody. Autentic flamenco sound played by gypsy musicians. Spanish guitar with claps and percussion (cajon flamenco) also electric bass.
Yann Keerim
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