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Energy Action Percussion

Energetic and dynamic track with stomps, claps and powerful percussion and effects. Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, games, dynamic video projects, festival videos, background music, motion graphics. fashion shows, vlogs, action trailer, ...

Cheerful Holidays

Cheerful and positive Christmas track is created using ukulele, cajon, piano, percussion, bells and strings. it is perfect for your New Year's or children's film as well as of slide show or a holiday presentation.

Happy Uplifting Christmas

Bright and cheerful holiday Christmas music created with a lot of different musical instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, little bells, ukulele, chimes, tubular bells, harp, strings, toy piano. it is perfect for your New Year's or children's film as well as of slide show or a holiday presentation etc...

Funky Step

Energetic and inspiring track, created by means of mixing the two styles: Funk and Disco, which together give a great result. Definitely this track can decorate almost any multimedia project. The composition can be easily cut and divided into parts, which makes it possible to shorten or increase the...

Summer rain

This is an inspiring and energetic rock track, give you a positive and a good mood all day.

I will always be near

Lyrical atmosphere of this track, is created by means of the piano, a violin, and guitars (acoustic and an electroguitar) and other musical instruments. The melody will approach both for a home video, and for romantic films, trailers, social advertizing or Valentine’s Day projects.

Sweet Acoustic Corporate

Cute, cartoon corporate track with a nice melody and a simple positive mood. It will be a great addition to your multimedia project. The track is easy to cut to pieces and you will not be difficult to make it shorter or longer.

Together Forever

Sweet and romantic melody in waltz. Created using piano, bells, music box and guitar.


"Rebirth" is dynamic, powerful cinematic track with rising culmination. Full Orchestra accompanied by various percussion and electronic instruments. Perfect for films, trailers, teasers, intro, games and many other project.


This track is a mix of electronic and rock music. Floating bass and drums make this composition a very powerful and aggressive.

Sense of Beauty

Bright melodious track. Created with a minimum of musical instruments: acoustic guitar, piano, percussion and vocals.

This is my Life

Energetic and powerful guitar track with electronic synths and soft piano, perfect for presentations, home videos, slide shows, as well as Advertising or business project.

Rock and roll

Energetic and fun rock and roll. Fast rhythm and simple catchy tune, screeching guitars and mad piano.


Powerful and energetic rock track. Created with the help of electric guitars, synthesizers, piano and backing vocals.

Uplifting Country

Cheerful, positive and rhythmic melody in a country style. This track is created using an acoustic guitar, slide guitar, banjo, bells, piano, claps and stomps, tambourine, shaker. You can use this melody anywhere, everything is limited only by your imagination.
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