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Magic Around

Beautiful, emotional fairytale music filled the spirit of Christmas and the holiday. Use it in any of your projects in the holiday videos and family greeting, advertising, New Year’s show, the ceremony, the TV, the ceremony, the children’s festival.

New Insights

This musical theme represents curiosity, science, learning and reaching conclusions. The piece includes real life recordings and is produced to high standards to achieve an original sound. Will work perfectly as a theme in your documentary, film, game or other productions seeking a rich captivating ...

Supernova - Epic Trailer

A bombastic, epic trailer track. The intro features ominous, menacing sound effects, sub booms, pulses, percussion, a hint of piano, followed by a buildup with earth-shattering hits and braams supported by brass, choir and sound design elements. The climax represents the full force of the orchestra ...

Ouverture Classical Strings Theme

Typical classical strings theme consisting of violins, violas, cello's and double bass. The theme presents a rich and regal atmosphere. Perfect to use in corporate videos, film or other productions seeking a symphonic edge.


Happy, Merry, Carnival, Magical, Playful, Holiday, Instrumental Children's song.

Wonderful Happy Summer - Loop Version

Motivational background track that presents positive, dreamy and inspiring spirit with ukulele, marimba, mute guitar, acoustic guitars and upright bass. Good way to feel joy. Ideal for travel and nature videos, weddings, corporate party, social evening, crowdfunding campaigns, viral marketing, adver...

Dancing with the Moon

Dancing with the Moon is an ambitious project created by the composer João Pinto. It is a symphonic poem, with multiple movements, that aims to translate the lunar phases into sound, through diverse orchestral palettes and colors. Each movement represents a different lunar phase with its specific f...

Christmas Dreams

Bright and cozy. Playful yet elegant music theme. Non-distracting elements for the perfect description of family moments during Christmas time!

Christmas Chimes

Bright and cozy. Playful yet elegant music theme. Non-distracting elements for the perfect description of family moments during Christmas time!

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells, the christmas classic we all know, the most famous christmas carol, written by James Lord Pierpont in 1857 and originally known as One Horse Open Sleigh. A happy and upbeat jazzy version with django jazz guitar and swing drums, glockenspiel, lots of chimes and crystals, church bell, f...

Christmas Rock

Christmas Rock is a pop punk rock track, featuring electric and acoustic guitars, drums, sleight bells, tubular bells and overall good mood and feel! Perfect for christmas and new year videos, advertising background, broadcast tv, movie, film, commercial & corporate projects, high school or lifstyle...

Children Christmas Comedy

Children Christmas Comedy is a funny, happy, Christmas background music, featuring pizzicato strings, bassoon, funny muted trumpet, uplifting bells, brass, flutes, marimba, glockenspiel, clarinet, jazz drums, upright bass. Great for: school play, Christmas projects, narration background, advertising...

A Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas is a cheerful, festive, bouncy, holiday music, featuring pizzicato strings, Christmas bells, choir. Great for: New Year videos, Christmas projects, holiday videos, narration background, advertising & commercial, Christmas promotions, Christmas family videos, 12 days Christmas vide...

Happy Christmas

This fast christmas track full of joy and happiness is perfect for your christmas ad, social post, short film, video games and more. A continuous sleigh bell keeps the cheer going whilst the bells and strings create the melody and rhythm. 15s and 30s versions also available.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

A very well known traditional English christmas carol from the West Country of England. An orchestral arrangement including sleigh bells, church bells, flute, piccolo, choir, glockenspiel, crotales, trumpet, bassoon and so on. A perfect fit for any christmas themed commercials, videos, radio broadc...
Yann Keerim
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