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My name is Max. I live in St. Petersburg. I write music. I love my job very much. I am constantly evolving in music. I love music, looking for new musical ideas and better sound.

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Corporate Background Acoustic

Easy and optimistic track in which sound; Acoustic guitar, light pop drums, violas, soft pads, piano, tone synthesizers that create a positive and independent feeling of the present and future

Ambient Background

calm ambient corporate music with gentle, electric guitar ,muted guitar, airy pads and ambient synths great for commercials, advertisements, presentations, slideshows, tutorials, promotion and other

Ambient Background Music

Ambient music with atmospheric elements and calm mood that will be good for tech video, advertising, presentation, slow motion video with sci-fi and also nature video.

Calm Ambient Background

Easy and pleasant ambient track where the pad, piano, dynamic bass and soft drums are the perfect balance. Suitable as a background to explain, podcast, slideshows, news, interviews, promotions, presentations, advertising, timelapse video, inspirational video projects, web video, after effect proje...

Fresh Inspiration

fresh, beautiful and upbeat track. This music can be the right choice for the motivation video, corporate advertisement and promotional marketing project show. Perfect for the Film and TV, Youtube , presentations, slideshows, web videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries. In this track used: ...

Corporate Music

fresh and clean background track with muted guitar, percussion and piano. Perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects.

Soft Corporate Inspiration

Soft uplifting and motivational audio track perfect to set an optimistic mood in your project Suitable for any projects, including corporate presentations, lifestyle and travel, tutorials, business videos, app promos and much more…

Corporate Presentation

Corporate Presentational Upbeat, uplifting ,inspiring and motivational corporate background track. Perfect for: commercial, presentation, slideshow, advertising, tutorial, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, video and other projects.

Festive Corporate

Corporate, inspiring track. Perfectly suits for your advertising videos, business presentations, TV and radio programs, slide shows, corporate projects, lifestyle and travel, real estate, startup campaign videos, games and apps, promo videos, business and science and many more

Gentle Acoustic Corporate

Gentle background beautiful theme played on an acoustic guitar with corporate identity elements.

Background music

Ideal for Presentations, Advertising, Radio and TV, Games, Videohive Preview, Commercial projects, Marketing Campaigns, Mobile apps, Slideshows, Crowdfunding Video, YouTube channel and others.

Background Ambient

Background Ambient – easy and beautiful soft ambient track for business and media projects with trendy palm mute guitar, piano, air strings, and percussion in ambient corporate style. Great for technology news, infographic, business and media projects, innovation projects, promotional videos, TV a...

Happy Background

"Happy Background" is widely used and can be used in many commercial fields such as motivational projects, advertising, commercials, drone and pro player videos, slideshows, presentations, and more ...

Happy Acoustic

inspirational and motivational track features acoustic guitars, orchestral strings, piano, drums, claps, bells. Perfect background for TV commercials, promotional videos, presentations, tutorial videos and any other video projects.

Acoustic Inspiring Corporate

Happy acoustic pop track that is uplifting, warm and inspiring . Upbeat and inspiring acoustic composition. Great for commercials, videos, photo slideshows, presentations, websites and more

Upbeat Acoustic Background

Beautiful and positive music track with acoustic guitar and piano. Ideal for Presentations, Advertising, Radio and TV, Games, Videohive Preview, Commercial projects, Marketing Campaigns, Mobile apps, Slideshows, Crowdfunding Video, YouTube channel and others.

Acoustic Inspiring Motivational

nice motivational and uplifting acoustic track with an upbeat and inspiring feel. Features acoustic guitars ,piano, bass guitar, bells. Excellent for advertising, commercials, corporate branding, business presentations, promotional videos, inspirational videos, motivational slide shows, vlogs, pres...

Inspiration Acoustic Background

soulful, warm, inspiring and beautiful music. Ideal for background music, advertising, slide shows, corporate presentations, videos about children, parents, family events, happy moments, kind people, nature, aerial photography, and more.

Light and Gentle

inspiring and motivational moods. In style of acoustic pop.Beautiful acoustic background

Inspiring Acoustic

motivational and inspirational track with acoustic guitars, bass, drums, piano, percussion and strings. Perfect for all kind of your media projects: advertising, TV, cinema, movie, film, business/corporate projects, commercial or lifstyle videos, presentations and more.
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