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This Ambient Music

Ambient and inspiring track. Recommended for slideshows, documentary videos, event advertising and reviews, cinematic stories, travel shows and vlogs. and also associated with such emotions as: technology, summer ,party ,corporate,corporation, motivate,motivation, inspiration,good music , goodmusic,...

Corporate Background

uplifting and inspiring corporate ambient background music is perfect as background music for inspirational and successful story, advertisement and TV commercial, brand company and news, science and invention, architecture and trade, technology and education, media project, podcast and more motivati...

Ambient Corporate Inspiring

Beautiful ambient and uplifting composition. The best music for corporate presentations, slideshow, product promo, commercials, demonstrations and other media projects.

Upbeat Corporate

modern motivational and upbeat corporate track with an inspiring and uplifting feel.


Uplifting background track with a simple and memorable guitar harmonic melody. Perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood.

Corporate Business Background

fresh and inspiring music. Perfect for your tutorials, slideshows, montages, advertising, openers, business videos, company presentations, travel videos, app promos, explainers, and trendy vlogs.

Bright Corporate Future

This positive track represents power, optimism. Excellent for corporation video, inspirational and successful story, innovation and education, conference & exhibition, advertisement and tv commercial, presentation and profile, design and architectural, construction, building, tour and travel, indust...

Background Ambient

Ambient, inspirational and soft corporate track perfect for corporate videos, motivational videos, time-lapse videos, sweeping nature shots or documentaries, commercials, advertising, explainer videos, medical videos, real estate, lifestyle and travel.

Fresh Background

An inspiring, energizing and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. Suitable for uplifting and inspiring projects, including corporate presentations, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, business videos, science and technology projects, lifestyle and tra...

This Is Real Estate

Ambient music with atmospheric elements and calm mood that will be good for tech video, advertising, presentation, slow motion video with sci-fi and also nature video.

Inspiring Music

inspiring music with elements of success and freedom, motivational positive mood that great for beautiful business presentations, promotional technology advertising.

Acoustic Happy Background

Ideal for Presentations, Advertising, Radio and TV, Games, Videohive Preview, Commercial projects, Marketing Campaigns, Mobile apps, Slideshows, Crowdfunding Video, YouTube channel and others

Corporation Ambient

The track is great for presentation, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, business videos, sports, fashions, science and technology projects, journey etc. Track is ideal for your projects, to have a strong positive impact on each listener

Inspiring Business

“Inspiring Business” is a business track created for professional videos, with an upbeat and inspiring soul that will inspire your clients to buy or remember your brand. It’s been made having in mind that the song has to be powerful but at the same time has to led space to other voices, withou...

Inspiring Ambient Background

Positive uplifting music. Ambient background music track. Works well with corporate projects, lifestyle and travel, health and medical videos, real estate, startup campaign videos, games and apps, promo videos, inspiring presentations and Vlogs, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, opene...

Inspiring Ambient

motivational and inspiring track. Recommended for slideshows, documentary videos, event advertising and reviews, cinematic stories, travel shows and vlogs.

Ambient Soft Background

Pleasant Ambient track in which guitar and piano perfect balance. Perfect for: Youtube Video, Podcast, Film, Television, Youtube Channel Intro / Outro, Social Media Marketing, School and College Work, Videohive Preview, Viral Marketing Campaign, Mobile Phone App, Business and Promotional Presentatio...

Ambient Positive Background

Positive inspirational, motivational and ambient background track. Perfect for any media projects. Perfect for advertising, background music, TV video project, youtube, travels, presentations, commercials, slideshow, reviews, product promo, technology video and more.

Ambient Uplifting

inspiring and motivational corporate music background with guitar, piano, muted, strings, and gentle percussion. Perfect for inspiring videos, TV advertising, video corporate, YouToube videos, slideshows, presentation videos, and more.


Corporate, inspirational track. Perfect for Advertising, Slideshows, inspiring, motivating, promotional, presentation videos and more.

Upbeat Corporate

inspiring motivational background music with an energetic and happy mood. Perfect for your media projects.
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