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My name is Max. I live in St. Petersburg. I write music. I love my job very much. I am constantly evolving in music. I love music, looking for new musical ideas and better sound.
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Upbeat Corporate Inspiring Technology

"Upbeat Corporate Inspiring Technology" - Inspiring motivational track, perfect for media projects.

Emotional Ambient Acoustic Guitar

dreamy and warm music perfect for documentaries, motivational presentations, emotional scenes and movie cues. It’s driven by acoustic guitars and atmospheric sounddesign elements.

Ambient Background Corporate

"Ambient Background" - positive uplifting and ambient corporate track fro commercial videos and projects

Inspiring Ambient Background

uplifting and beautiful music background . Featuring piano, synths, and gentle percussion. Perfect for film, television, web videos, corporate media, and any project needing a motivational background.

Ambient Acoustic Guitar

Atmospheric, cinematic, beautiful, corporate, chill, calm, minimal, ambient, deep, modern, soft background music track with a relaxing, light, positive mood . Perfect for advertising, documentaries, background music for corporate interviews and foundation programs voiceover, relaxing slideshow and m...

Motivation Ambient Folk

An inspiring and uplifting sounding music. It will complement any project, inspires and evokes positive, good feelings. Features acoustic guitars, clapping, percussion, piano. This track is perfect choice for practically any motivational and ispiring project.


uplifting, soft, lite, minimal, corporate, motivational, acoustic guitar track has all the proper elements to make your project bright and sparkling, cheering and encouraging. This song has a positive message and a great vibe created with acoustic guitar, piano, hand claps, drums, bass, strings and ...

Documentary Sentimental Guitar

"Documentary Sentimental Guitar"- light background track. Inspirational mood. High quality acoustic sound for your best projects.

Tutorial Background

"Tutorial Background" - beautiful, ambient corporate melodious track. Perfect for presentations, advertising, photo and video editing movies.

Happy Background

Happy Background - happy acoustic music with positive elements and good mood that will be good for advertising, presentation, vlog, family slideshow and many more.

Gentle Bright Acoustic

Inspire and uplift your project. Create a memorable project by adding this delicate and bright track. Bright acoustic guitars are accentuated by subtle piano melodies

Emotional Folk

"Emotional Folk"- Hopeful, optimistic and gentle guitars and piano, that create a tender and soft mood

Happy Folk

Inspiring and uplifting background including acoustic guitar, piano. "Happy Folk" perfectly fits for YouTube, Instagram videos ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, background and music, photo slideshows, nature videos, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, ...

Calm Beautiful Acoustic Folk

Calm beautiful acoustic music track. Inspiring and motivational track. Perfect for your media projects. Perfect as background music for inspirational and successful story, advertisement and TV commercial, brand company and news, science and invention, architecture and trade, technology and education...

Optimistic Folk

Bright fresh folksy acoustic upbeat guitar music. Uplifting and motivational, joyful and inspiring, positive acoustic background music for your bright commercial projects. Bright folk acoustic guitar, uplifting folksy melody and harmonica creates a light and joyful folk atmosphere

Inspiring Folk Music

Motivational music with acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, pad . Best for corporate or personal videos or presentation, advertisement, movie trailer, podcasts, broadcasting, youtube intros, slideshows and more.

Fresh Folk

Bright, fresh cheerful track brings a foretaste of good mood.The track uses such instruments as: acoustic guitar, piano, bass guitar, percussion and gentle bells. As an audio track can ideally be used in advertising, corporate parties and any type of video .

Inspiration and motivation

Beautiful piano, acoustic guitar and orchestral strings, great for emotional underscore. Bright bells adds a touch of depth and freshness . This beautiful music track is perfect for gentle and inspiring projects.

Gentle Acoustic

"Gentle Acoustic" - optimistic and gentle acoustic background music create a tender and soft mood. Perfect for music on hold, travel slideshow, positive advertising montage, and creative corporate video project.

Folk Acoustic

"Folk Acoustic" - background track with acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano that evokes positive emotions. Perfect for inspiring travel videos, nature landscapes, beautiful slideshows and more

Simple Acoustic Folk

Warm, beautiful, acoustic track. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, web advertisements, children, movie trailers, youtube, successful, travel videos, games, applications, backgrounds, corporate, motivational presentations, commercials, nature videos, visuals and family videos and more…
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