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Synthwave (Cyber Space Journey)

Perfect for futuristic videos, documentary films, hi tech projects, science, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, modern fashion, futuristic cinematic, active sports, action videos, IT, TV broadcasting, innovations, promo videos, space, cosmos, digital marketing, innovative technologies, dynamic footage, brandi...

In deep space

A cosmic ambient background with an unearthly atmosphere and a dramatic mood. In combination with travel, space, research, fantastic videos, documentary, commercial projects, etc

Travel in space

Light ambient background with an unearthly atmosphere and a calm mood. Combined with peaceful, calm, cosmic, relaxing videos, commercial projects, etc.


Trance, with use of sounds of a synthesizer of Access Virus TI!

Space Ambient

Relaxing, airy music for space videos, meditation and many other atmospheric projects. With this music you will create an endless atmosphere of mystery and mysticism.

Rising Cosmic Ambient Horror

Growing deep space sounds are very quiet in a very loud sound. Perfectly suitable for horror movies, movies about space, and more.

Calm Space Ambient

Atmospheric relaxing music for space video, meditation, relaxation, sleeping, stress relief, dreaming, video about nature, massage, spa, healing therapy, and for complete peace of mind.

Ambient Space

Atmospheric, quiet track using synthesized mute guitar, bright electronic sounds and cosmic effects. Suitable for relaxation, video about space, lounge and many other your projects.

Mystical Atmosphere

Mysterious atmosphere of pleasant music.Relaxing music with quiet of the night when the wind caresses upper front view stars and angels in heaven. Music penetrates the soul and floods the body with a shudder of music.

Closed open space

Cosmic ambient background with an unearthly atmosphere and an uncertain mood. Combined with technology, space, research, fantastic videos, commercial projects, etc

Desolation of space (Minimal ambient music)

Cosmic ambient background with an unearthly atmosphere and an uncertain mood. Combined with technology, space, research, fantastic videos, commercial projects, etc

Rising Tension

Dramatic cinematic music composition with rising energy. You can hear tense strings ensemble and pusling percussion drums. This music is created with detective movie in mind. You can use it also in documentary, sci-Fi and cosmic video, games and gameplay, trailer, thrilling scene.

Creepy Ambient

Dark horror cinematic music track with creepy ambient. You can hear eerie atmosphere with suspense effect, drone synth, sound effects and solo guitar. Best for horror movie trailer, documentaries, Halloween, thriller, audio books and games.

80s Robot Dance

Electronic synth dance pop track with vibe of 80s and legend robot dance style. You can hear retro juicy analog bassline, analog style drums, cosmic arpeggiators and robotic voices. MOOD: is future, space, summer, dance, pop, good, party, 80s mood. GENRE: is pop, dance, sythpop.

Cosmic Deep House

Melodic and emotional royalty free with confident synth waves, deep and proud electro bass lines, futuristic bells and drum groove. Great for fashion and beauty blogs and projects, advertising and romantic videos, travel vlogs, TV & radio use, you tube contents and many more.

80s Inspired Relaxing Synthwave

An 80’s inspired, retro royalty free synthwave, with cosmic synths, big bass lines, pads, and analog drums, perfect for vlogs, games, nightlife, or youtube channels.

Energy Transforming Logo

Morern high-tech logo. Feeling like transforming future energy. Great stereo effect.
Yann Keerim
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