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Calm Day Acoustic

Calm and relaxing acoustic track with an acoustic guitar lead and a simple drum beat that evokes happiness and joy. The track is in the style of new-folk, Americana and new country. Easy listening, motivational and uplifting tune that will be perfect for your vacation video, travel vlog, memory vide...


Cinematic track with wonderful and powerful build up orchestra. Ideal choice for cinematic background. Also good for trailers, openers, intros, titles, advertisement, time-lapse videos and more

World Of Wonders

Great for epic slideshow, opener, dramatic video, vlog, traveling and more

Magic Spell

A magical string orchestra, entwined with the enchanting melodies of a piano and the haunting allure of a solo violin, orchestrates a spellbinding composition. It gracefully ascends, conjuring a breathtaking theme imbued with an epic sense of wonder and adventure, making it the perfect musical back.

Joyful Merry Christmas

Introducing "Joyful Merry Christmas" – the perfect soundtrack to elevate your holiday spirit! This enchanting royalty-free Christmas song, adorned with cheerful jingles and a magical orchestral arrangement, captures the essence of the season. Whether you're creating a heartwarming family video, a ...

Fairy Tale

Perfect for any childish content, soundtracks, family video, film scenes, stories, advertising, instagram, cartoons, christmas & new year content, movie, memories and more

Frozen Greetings [Christmas Logo]

A bright and magical royalty free Xmas music Logo with sleigh bells, chimes, glockenspiel, woodwinds and strings . Perfect for Christmas and New Year idents, commercials, children’s media, YouTube, TV, openers.

Cinematic Documentary Video Background

"Cinematic Documentary Video Background": Elevate Your Videos Where Vision Meets Harmony, Stories Come Alive! Experience the wonder of "Cinematic Documentary Video Background," the essence of corporate grace, cinematic allure, and suspenseful storytelling. Unleash its power in your videos today. Cra...

Flow Of Time

Perfect for fantasy movie soundtrack, curious documentary, fantasy advertisement, promo, commercial or project needing a magic

The Cosmologist

A modern electro-hybrid orchestral cosmic meditation with male vocals, alien synths, drums, guitars, and didgeridoo, creating a feeling of wonderous amazement. Can be used for any sci-fi or universe-related media.

The Wizard's Hideaway

Magical, children’s style theme with a hint of mystery, suggesting a secret garden or landscape full of wonder and intrigue. The instrumentation of strings, harps and celesta provide a sweeping melodic basis, with enchanting phrases and flourishes. Mythical creatures probably weave their magic and...

Far Away

Far Away is an acoustic folklore song about hope and adventure. It features female vocals with lyrics, oud, acoustic guitars, and groovy drums. It is excellent as background music in movies, films, advertisements, video games, and more. Lyrics: Away Far away All the fields of green Lie Beneath the...

Into The Sky

Into The Sky is an emotional, inspiring orchestral track with a gentle piano and lush strings which is best for films, inspirational videos about beauty of our world and love stories, wonderful life, documentaries and other projects that need romantic mood. Available in Full, Short, Loop, 60 and 30 ...

Dreaming and Hopeful

An inspiring and hopeful track using mellow piano, emotive choir, and soft strings that's ideal for dreamy projects like arts and crafts, natural wonders and scenery, and for projects like inspiring and motivational statements. Full version: 2:15 60-second version: 0:59

What A Wonderful Ride

This is a royalty-free orchestral ballad featuring a gentle piano melody with lush strings. The mood is calm and nostalgic. Perfect for home movies, presentations, and a lot more.

Coming Home

This is an acoustic and uplifting upbeat, celebratory, and catchy musical composition with a wonderfully joyful, positive atmosphere and truly inspiring energy—perfect background audio for any award video, media, radio, and other projects.
Yann Keerim
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