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An inspiring, energy and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood.Starting with a simple and memorable sitar melody with nice tiny synth theme suitable for uplifting and inspiring projects,including corporate presentations, YouTube videos, slideshows, montages, b...


Mysterious, spacious synths, soft pipes and percussion create this ambient track. Suitable for sci fi or mystery scene.

Dun Forgot Your Name

Dun forgot your name is a contemporary Pop/R&b instrumental. We used ambient & calming melodies to give the track a slightly sad but accomplished feeling. Any remixes of any part of the track are available on request.

The Waltz of lost Chances

A wonky-weird waltz track ala Danny Elfman style starts with a small orchestra and a melancholy celesta. Then a clarinet takes the melody. Then the strings take the main melody for a grand finale.

Galactic Battle

Spacious, science fiction track with sweeping synths and mellow percussion.


Passionate piano and strings piece, very emotional and a strong sense of longing.

Fresh Play

Modern Pop track with solid beat and catchy, quirky synths. Great for teenage scene.

Feeling Optimistic

Modern Pop track with emotional & inspiring feel over strong drum groove. Romantic and uplifting throughout with sexy guitar solo after 2nd chorus. Great for background music.

Feel The Track

Spacious, open track with cool, laid-back drum groove, flowing synths and acoustic guitars.

Far Dimension

Flowing, ambient soundscape with atmospheric synths, percussion and spacey sound effects. Suitable for sci fi scene.

Esta Forrao

Spanish track with flowing guitars, percussion, bass and synths. Emotional and authentic.

Empty Journey

Spacious, open and slightly suspenseful track with piano and synths. Atmospheric and ambient.

Corporate Folk Motivation

A mellow and uplifting motivational corporate track with a ukulele/acoustic band Ideal for corporate commercials, advertising, inspirational, uplifting, and motivational background videos, corporate presentations, and many other video projects. For e.g. beautiful scenery background music. Blen...

Slow Emotional Piano and Strings

An emotional and beautiful cinematic track with piano and strings. Ideal for documentaries, films, beautiful scenery background music, homecoming and farewell videos, love and romantic scenes, TV dramas, dramatic scenes, flight scenes in commercials, and any project that requires emotional, refle...

Happy Ukulele Fun

A happy, uplifting and fun ukulele based track. An ideal track for background music in modern advertising commercials for major corporate companies. It's light mood and popular sound would be great for Christmas seasonal adverts too. Tightly strummed ukuleles, fun and catchy glockenspiel/xylop...

Electronica Hazy Dream (Versions 1 + 2)

A lush, hazy, dreamy and colourful electronica track - version 1 with a big compressed drum kit sound and version 2 with an electronic 909 drum machine sound. Ideal for modern corporate adverts and commercials (think fashion, slow-motion night life scenes, new technology, applications, and new insp...


New Age spacious, ambient track with subtle synths, bells and light percussion. Calm, open and atmospheric.

Don't Say

Modern R&B Pop ballad with solid groove, organ and catchy, quirky synths. Laid back and romantic.

Distant Pleasures

Spacious, sweeping pads, soft percussion and catchy synths. Great for spacey, sci fi scene.

Cruisin' La Barrio

Cool Latin, Spanish track with percussion and catchy acoustic guitar melody

Cool Breeze

Cool Jazzy track with humerous feel. Great for light hearted, childish, comical scene.
Yann Keerim
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