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Minimal piano melodies gracefully intertwine with the ethereal beauty of strings, meticulously building a profound emotional narrative that inexorably ascends towards a climax of raw intensity, evoking a spectrum of feelings through a harmonious union of these musical elements.

Once more

A composition of profound beauty and inspiration emerges, gradually unfurling like the first light of dawn. This epic masterpiece steadily builds, harmonizing a symphony of emotions, and ultimately culminates in a resounding crescendo that stirs the soul and leaves an indelible mark on the heart.


Embark on a mesmerizing journey with "Aether," a composition that draws inspiration from the ancient concept of aether, the fifth element. Across time and cultures, aether has been revered as the celestial substance filling the vast expanse beyond our earthly realm. In "Aether," we delve into the es...

Developing Emotional Story

Calm emotional background track featuring piano, celeste, marimba and strings. The gradual musical development throughout the piece enables it to support a variety of media productions.

Temple Of Time (Melancholic Anime Lofi Song)

Dreamy and melancholic lofi track with a piano melody inspired by classic anime soundtracks. Available with thunderstorm sounds for a more profound atmosphere. Perfect as background for youtube videos, vlogs, corporate videos, business projects, advertising and more.

Sky Divine

Storytelling, cinematic piano composition guided by heartwarming and hopeful melodies.


Cinematic and profound piano and strings composition evoking tender, hopeful, sad and uplifting emotions.

The Awakening

Sparkling and optimistic piano piece that inspires a motivational and hopeful atmosphere. Cinematic and lively. A virtuoso performance

Until Next Time

Sentimental cinematic orchestral piece guided by a heartwarming piano melody and uplifting, bright strings.

The Lost Ones

Profound emotional composition featuring solo violin, cellos and piano.

Inner Silence - peaceful calm ambient

A deep and relaxing ambient track with analog pads and piano featuring. Perfect background for meditations, prayerful videos, worships, yoga classes, inspiring speeches, spiritual videos, nature videos, drone footages, and many more.

Painful Sad Background

Truly sad emotional track consisting of piano, cello and violins painting a desperate cinematic background. Perfect to use in your film, documentary or other production seeking a profound sorrowful tone.

A kiss in the stars

Magical and emotional music track with beautiful pianos and space keyboards. The profound and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of happiness, romanticism and joy. It will certainly work well with films, TV, corporate videos, business projects, presentations, commercials, advertising, YouTube v...

The voice of the Planet

Glorious and emotional music track with beautiful voices and instrumentation. The profound and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of joy and strength. It will certainly work well with films, TV, corporate videos, business projects, presentations, commercials, advertising, YouTube videos, videog...

First Raindrop

A dramatic, futuristic and deeply focused music with abstract high-tech sound. This atmospheric ambient track will be perfect background for drone videos, technology presentations, cutting edge innovations, modern society videos, documentaries, advertising, since developments and sci fi projects.

Higher Than The Sky

This is dreamy and atmospheric chillstep music with airy, warm and lounge sound. This relaxing and sexy royalty-free melody can be a perfect background for cinematic view videos, videos from drone perspectives, sky and space videos, Hotels and Spa presentations, slide-shows, vacation videos, travel ...
Yann Keerim
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