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Mellow and organic chillout track, with acoustic drums, bass groove and emotive piano, building throughout and climaxing with laid back lead guitar outro.


Driving toms and orchestral brass, with bass and sparkling guitar. Perfect for visuals demanding an engaging theme with grit and momentum.

All Tinkled Out

A hypnotic, ambient royalty free cinematic score, with a flowing piano, chimes and a warm bass riff, great for aerials, underwater scenes, or timelapses.

Carefree Daze

Positive, breezy feel good track with strumming guitar, vibraphone and organ, conjuring a summery uplifting 60s mood. Great for documentaries, travel shows, road trips and promos.

Sunshine And Colours

Positive, engaging track, with warm bass, atmospheric harmonics and urgent piano riff, weaving an uplifting and comforting mood.

Not A Care In The World

Chilled out tune that evokes sand, gentle waves and a cool breeze. Super positive, feelgood music, perfect for beach scenes, travel shows and upbeat promos.

Valentine's Day Together!

Happy Valentine's Day! This is a catchy pop instrumental featuring the sound of bells, percussion, bass, synth, and more. Eliciting a fun and dreamy vibe, this is a very versatile tune. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, blogs, podcasts, film projects, radio b...

Urban Vlog Hip Hop

Urban Vlog Hip Hop is a stylish, modern music track with a laidback, smooth vibe. It features mellow guitars, synths, a drifting trap beat and echoey vocal effects. Perfect for vlogs, YouTube videos, travel videos, commercials, advertising, party background, unique branding, rap/trap compilation, lo...

Valentine's Day Transition

This is a fun transition or bumper clip featuring the sound of a relaxing electric piano. Created with romantic vibes in mind, this is perfect for Valentine's Day projects and presentations.  The possibilities are endless! This clip can help with YouTube videos, slide backgrounds, websites, commer...

Tropical Corporate

Tropical paradise and sunshine comes to mind when listening to this dynamic Corporate Pop track. Incorporating a four-to-the-floor dance beat, this song will add energy and high spirits to your inspirational media projects! Featuring; electric guitars, piano, strings, marimbas, synths, deep bass, pe...

Lofi Hip Hop Background

Lofi Hip Hop Background is an atmospheric lo-fi boom bap music track with a modern, urban touch. It features a wide range of samples, including synths, electric piano, trumpets, high-pitched strings and vocal effects. Perfect for advertising, commercials, street videos, vlogs, urban videos, high-qua...

Peaceful Home

Warm and breezy acoustic track, featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar, mellow piano and strings creating hopeful, inspirational atmosphere. Indie folk feel. Perfect for family and home oriented productions with emotional purpose, real estate advertising, crowdfunding and charity promotions, organi...

a Shade of Love (Breezy Pop Instrumental)

This is an upbeat instrumental pop tune. Breezy and catchy, it could be a great soundtrack to a wide variety of projects. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, logos, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisement...

Waters of Inspiration (Inspiring Ambient Corporate Upbeat Uplifting)

Inspiring Ambient Corporate Upbeat Uplifting is an elevating alternative rock track inspired by U2. It features echoey, reverberating electric guitar, a catchy riff, optimistic synths, confident cinematic drums and rippling, wavy background effects. Style: Aerial (High Excitement, Epic Journey), ...

Cheerful Acoustic Guitar

Cheerful Acoustic Guitar is a lively and upbeat folk music track. It features a rhythmic acoustic guitar, playful electric guitars, confident piano, bass, drums and bouncy percussion. Its positive sound is perfect for TV commercials, advertising, product promotion, food chain videos, YouTube videos,...
Yann Keerim
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