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Africa Chase

Composer: Jake Schneider
An intense, rhythmic, tribal drum track with a taste of Africa. An excellent que for any cinematic action/adventure sequences. Featuring; African drums, ethnic percussions, deep bass, dark strings and ghoulish chorus chants. Also perfect for advertising, commercials, TV-shows, movie trailers, Afri...

Through The Spectra

Composer: Sebastián Morales
This is a fantasy introspective cue driven by a Harp. Later it develops into a synthy texture, which can work for science fiction projects, although it can be edited to just use the first part that not yet has the synthy vibe.


Composer: Sebastián Morales
This is an action/chase cue driven by strings and a constant percussion texture.


Composer: Sebastián Morales
This is an emotional/dramatic cue that employes a modern orchestral sound. The harp provides a continuous motion. It develops going from a small to a big sound. The main melody is played by the Piano, then Strings and finally full orchestra.

The Game Plan

Composer: Sebastián Morales
This is a hidden camera/dark comedy cue. It has an organic band sound, where the pizz string and the piano have a leading role. The texture develops through the usage of organ and different percussion instruments such as latin percussion and marimba.


Composer: Sebastián Morales
Futuristic/hacking cue. Completely electronic based with a constant pulse and a developing texture. It can work for science fiction and cyberpunk projects.

Cyber Crime

Composer: Michael Adels
Dark and dynamic synth pop with groove. Perfect as background for movies, documentaries, tech videos and much more.

Space Cowboy

Composer: Michael Adels
Cool pop music with electric and acoustic guitar, synth and a whistle of a lonesome cowboy. Special track for special projects.

The Miracle Worker (Adventure Orchestra)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
A fantasy cue beginning with soft strings and ambient textures, building to a powerful orchestral climax before ending with cinematic, melodic synthesisers.

Catch Me If You Can

Composer: André Lund
Fun upbeat energetic funk rock track with a confident groove. Featuring bouncy guitars, exciting drive and cool riffs Perfect for promotional videos, advertising, sports, go pro videos, youtube, movies and much more! Planning to use this track for YouTube? This track is registered with Content ID,...


Composer: André Lund
Energetic, cool and groovy rock track. Featuring bouncy drums, driving guitars and subtle electronic elements in a modern sound. Perfect for sports, promotional videos, advertisement, youtube, action scenes, trailers and much more! Planning to use this track for YouTube? This track is registered w...

Sunny Daydream

Composer: André Lund
Calm and peaceful acoustic guitar track with piano, organ and gentle drums. Perfect for background use, corporate videos, tutorials, landscape, outdoor footage, nature, documentaries, vlogs, family, slideshows etc. Voiceover Friendly. IPI number for broadcasting cue sheets: 546751726 Planning to ...


Composer: André Lund
Fun, catchy and powerful rock track. Gritty guitars and a groovy strong beat. Perfect for advertising, promotional videos, sports, movies, trailers and more! IPI number for broadcasting cue sheets: 546751726 Planning to use this track for YouTube? This track is registered with Content ID, submit y...


Composer: Jonathan Wright
Relaxing, mystical and inspirational ambient piano cue, with warm strings and beautiful, ethereal synths.

Action Orchestra Electronica (Proud Hero)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
An epic orchestral adventure cue a la the Lion King. You'll learn how to take off and fly in no time. Multi sectioned to help tell your story >>
Yann Keerim
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