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Alpha Mission (Weird Monk version)

A nervous / ennerving and pensive orchestral track with epic percussion. A sense of danger and urgency. Good for reality TV / rescue mission, international conflict, armed conflict, military missions, action drama and more. Somewhat heroic / valiant feel. The good guys triumph! A full choir enters t...

Mysterious Minimalism

‘Mysterious Minimalism’ is a dreamy, abstract, angelic track featuring atmospheric pads and a 606 drum machine. This electronic track sounds mysterious, spiritual, enigmatic - great for videos with a touch of hypnotic and suspense atmosphere.

Funky Atmospheric Drum and Bass

This is groovy atmospheric drum n bass track with dynamic and warm sound. Main instruments are drum kit, synth, piano, bass and synth pads. Beautiful Background music for any Video, Media, TV, Broadcast, Radio, Presentations, YouTube and other Multimedia Projects.

Dominus Trap

Dominus Trap is a very intense, dark and aggressive trap style instrumental. The beat contains 808 sub-bass kick drums, snare fills, fast hi hats, claps, soft pads, choir, piano, tubular bell, organs and cool synths. I hope you like it.

Black Nectar

Futuristic underground electro in a style of Aphex Twin. Playful soundscapes, synthesizer combined with freaky drums. Great for technology, games, lifestyle, fashion and apps.

Impact Zone

Modern, cinematic hybrid trailer track with massive, nasty brass / synths, fast string ostinatos, exciting risers and an epic choir. Great trailer music for games, battle scenes, monumental moments and sport.

Dubstep Technologies

Drifting Dubstep with kicking drums, modern synths, exciting fx sounds and futuristic synthesizer leads. Great for presentations, advert, research, science, sport and lifetsyle.

Dubstep Twist

Exciting, powerful Dubstep with energetic wobble syntheziser, fat risers and kicking drums. Great energetic track for sport, lifetsyle, action, technology, presentations and youth.

Spy vs Spy

Comic and adventure music theme, will suit as a background music for crime comedies, weird and awkward scripts, tiptoe villains, childish or mad adults, cartoons, and more. Features accordion, pizzicato strings, viola, harp, trumpet mute wah, organ, trombon, bassoon, mute guitar, pizzicato bass, g...

Ethnic Abstract

Unusual, fascinating hybrid track with electronic sounds and ethnic flavors. Very rhythmic and percussive, almost hypnotic, and yet always changing. Ideal as background for scenes where a sense of mystery, secrecy or sensuality is needed. Several short edits are also available.

Total Madness

Totally crazy and weird electronic instrumental for your crazy and weird projects. I hope you like it.

Night Trip

Get ready for another crazy and a little creepy night, night trip! Modern, futuristic, energizing and very addictive hip-hop/rap instrumental with elements of dubstep. The beat contains very fast and punchy drums, wobble bass, beautiful bells, leads, pads, congas, strings, sound effects and cool syn...

SciFi Invaders

These pieces are great fun - quirky, bouncy and nostalgic. They evoke videogames in the 1980s (and are perfect for videogames with a retro feel). They feature synthesizers, chip-tune sounds and a strong beat.
Yann Keerim
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