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Satie - Gnossienne n. 3

Mysterious, catchy and a bit disturbing. Classical piano masterpiece by Erik Satie (1866-1925).

Sad and Slow Piano and Cello

A really depressing slow track, only purpose of which is to make your cry like a little B**.. Baby. i meant to say baby. Featuring piano and a bunch of cellos it`s atmospheric and it sure can set a mood. Perfect for videogame defeat moments, melancholic movies, or for crying in a blanket. REAL ...

Tense And Dense

Suspenseful atmospheric background track featuring ominous strings, guitar, piano and synthesizer. Will work well in the background of documentaries, commercials or any other media. The instrumentation and production are made so that it blends easily with other elements like narration.

Suspense And Melancholy

Melancholic and slightly suspenseful background track featuring ticking sounds, piano, bells and strings.


Sad Melancholic Moody Atmospheric Guitar Music, which is ideal for depressive cinematic videos, movies etc.

Restricted Access

Suspenseful background track featuring piano, strings and ominous synthesizer sounds.

Song for a Film

Dark song, perfect for a film trailer or scene. Ethereal female vocals, electronic beat and modern instrumentation for a dark intense and cinematic track. The lyrics tackle depression and anxiety. The pack holds two versions, the complete track and the instrumental.

Desolation and Confusion

Suspenseful background track communicating a sense of worry, drama and overthinking. The melancholic piano theme is being moved forward by ominous strings, ticking and tense sounds.

An Ominous Investigation Background

Dark and suspenseful background track consisting of piano, strings, synthesizers and ominous rhythmic sounds. Perfect to use in investigative documentaries, crime series, movie trailers or any other production seeking a suspenseful musical background.

Hesitation and Worry Background

A suspenseful and melancholic background track painting an ominous and tense atmosphere. The central piano theme is moved forward by ticking and other rhythmic elements.


Sad depression background music with climax. Emotional strings with cinematic drama mood will be great for war stories, dramedy TV shows, christian videos, melodrama, documentary, melancholic, hopeless, heartbreak videos.
Yann Keerim
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