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Creepy Horror Tension

An unsettling, menacing hybrid horror underscore track, featuring eerie strings, heavy percussion and sound effects, gritty synths and scary pads. Creating an extremely threatening, dangerous mood. For ads, commercials, corporate media, documentary, feature film, movies, youtube, instagram. Monsters...

Evocative Southern Slide Guitar

An atmospheric, cinematic dobro track, evocating the southern united states, the american south, dixie, southland. The perfect underscore to provide that local color, to create an immediate sense of place, subtle yet very authentic and clear. Perfect for ads, commercial, advertising, corporate, trai...

Forest With Dead People

Dark, scary underscore for crime, thriller, horror and investigation themes. Very suspenseful with extraordinary sound design.

Mysterious Cinematic Underscore

A suspenseful, spooky orchestral track, featuring atmospheric arco strings, elegant pizzicato strings, celesta, acoustic guitar and harp. Many edit points. Perfect for eerie ads, commercials, promo, trailer, youtube, corporate, tv or any kind of scary scene. Creepy background, halloween, trick or tr...

Swamp Outlaw Country

An energetic dark country track, featuring gritty acoustic guitars, stomping percussion and an iconic harmonica to give a powerful southern attitude. Perfect for commercial, advertising, corporate, trailer, teaser, promo, youtube videos.

The Warmest Color

Future Bass track with a summer relaxing vibe. Bouncy drums, acoustic guitars and synth pluck & keys. Reflective and positive atmosphere

Jungle Juice

Jungle house EDM track with a tropical feel and groove. Driving hypnotic drums throughout the song. Great for fitness and exercise content, club scenes, and entertainment/fashion news

Horseback Pimp

Hip hop and Spaghetti Western mashup with chants, drony guitars, flute, jaw harp, and big room drums. Suitable for modern urban programming with a western theme or motif

Fistfull Of Gangstas

Epic, cinematic spaghetti western style hiphop hybrid track with acoustic guitars, drums, and orchestral elements with a climactic and dramatic trailer vibe. Great for film score, soundtrack, and modern wild west content.

Dream Machine

EDM Future bass track thats chill and downtempo. Wobble synths, dreamy grooves, and lofi stabs. Relaxed vibe good for background music or source music for TV/Film or ads

Anaheim Chill

EDM chillwave track with hypnotic synth and drum groove. Relaxed calm and chill vibe great for underscore, relaxation meditation, and corporate technology content

Charon's Vision

A horror inspired track, references the ferryman Charon who transports dead souls across the River Styx. The mood is dark and spooky with warped soprano vocals echoing in the background.

Lock And Load

Dark hard-hitting trailer track featuring toxic sounding synthesizers, guitars, heavy percussion and ominous sound design. The build-up and segmentation in different parts enables editors to easily navigate the cues they need.

Deadly Sins

A dramatic, suspenseful royalty free music theme with deep piano bits, strings, hits, pulsing pads, percussion and dark synths, best for cinematic intros, trailers, games or openers.

Subcutaneous // Suspense and Tension Drama Black-Ops Trailer

Subcutaneous is inspired by the action & drama TV show "Treadstone". Suspense and tension before moving into a rock action groove at 0'27. It ends on a perfect snap to maintain the suspense and make you want to know more. Perfect for trailers, TV / film dramas involving spies, terrorists and underc...

Gothic: Revenge of the undead

Loud, dramatic, aggressive song for Halloween. Very suitable for zombie and horror-related content.


Sad Melancholic Moody Atmospheric Guitar Music, which is ideal for depressive cinematic videos, movies etc.
Yann Keerim
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