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Get Lost In Your Heart LoFi

Get Lost In Your Heart LoFi is A romantic and chill royalty free lo-fi hip-hop beat, Best for the lounge, everyday life-related visuals, lingerie boutique commercials, makeup YouTube videos, morning routine vlogs, and other chillwave media projects.

Phoenix Rising

An ethereal uplifting trailer track with an epic horns and choir vocals, alongside inspiring synths. Ideal music score for landscapes, aerial footage, nature related documentaries and much more. Versions included: 3:23

A lost love

A slow, moving ambient track. Invoking feelings of the past and memories long gone. Ideal for slow motion projects, romantic and intimate content, documentaries or nature related movies.

Hidden Dreams Under My Hoodie [Nostalgic Trap Beat]

Nostalgic and dreamy ambient trap song with bells, modern leads, saturated DX7, piano, 808, sub bass, inspiring pads and a pulsing trap beat – best for advertising, background music, urban, nostalgic, sad and dreamy related content.


High energy edm with killing riff. Gritty, bitchy for a wild dance trip in the sky. The mood is dynamic, excited, motivational. Dance, party, rave , radio, pop, lifestyle, sport, joy of life.

Take Me Somewhere [Trendy Pop Summer Vlog]

An upbeat, trendy and fresh royalty free summer pop song, with airy synth, synth plucks, pads, vocals samples, bass and a pulsing beat, best for vlogs, party, travel, fashion or summer related contents.

Positive And Colorful Hip-Hop Vlog Background

An trendy, positive and colorful royalty free vlog hip-hop song , with dreamy leads, sampled voice, bass, pads, piano, rhode and drums, best for travel, vlog, fashion and trendy related content.

Happy World Music [Uplifting Corporate]

An positive, organic royalty free corporate and world music song , with plucked ethnic african instruments, electric guitars, bouncy bass, pads, pianos, African percussions and straight drums, best for advertising, travel, feel good and positive related content.

Inspiring Technology Background [Corporate Background]

An inspiring, nostalgic royalty free corporate song , with modern leads, electric guitar, deep bass, pads, pianos and straight drums, best for advertising, timelapse, documentary, technology and inspirational related content.

Peaceful Contemplative Journey [Meditative Corporate]

An peaceful, contemplative royalty free ambient song , with plucky leads, inspiring voice, electric guitar, bass, pads, pianos and straight drums, best for travel, documentary, meditation and relaxed related content.

Rock Cinematic Cue

Full of suspence dramatic cinematic rock music cue. Perfect for horror or drama cinema, historic or politic documentary. TV shows, ecological and social problems, and any project where you need gloomy, despairing and lifeless feel, paranormal activity and UFO related content.

Epic Latin Drums

Energetic action drums with a lot of latin percussion. You can hear cajon, cabasa, guiro, shekere, clave, timbales, roto drums, shakers and tambourine. Groove in track slowly rising and peaking at the end. This track is perfect for media related to sport activities, brazilian and african natives, ex...
Yann Keerim
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