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This track is created for your mysterious projects, with a cinematic mood! Background track for your movies, trailers and video games, animations, YouTube content, adventures and more.


Powerful and energetic heavy guitar track, consisting of aggressive guitar riffs, dirty bass and rickin drums. Perfect for extreme videos, sport and other dynamic projects.

Happy Life Fun

High energy indie pop type track featuring driving beat, upbeat acoustic guitar, catchy synth melodies, warm pads and lively percussion. Evokes feelings of happiness, optimism and joy. Perfect for advertising, commercials, background, presentations, vlogs, podcasts, film, YouTube, promos and more.

Electro Shock

A punchy motivational electro EDM track with pulsating bass lines and kick drum, hypnotic synths full of climaxes, break downs and edit points giving you full flexibility to chop up to your taste and needs. Perfect for fashion, photo shoot, tech presentations, travel and city life projects.

We can Change the World

An emotional and inspirational piano/orchestral track with strong climaxes and an interesting fusion of electronic drums and big orchestral drums. The inspirational piano melody invokes a mood of success and achievement that will captivate your audience.


Positive house track using ukulele. Folk motifs, catchy motif, clear groove, all that is needed for a fashionable sound. Perfect for advertising and video blogs. This track can easily sound on Ibiza and other dance festivals of the world. This is your chance to use it in your project. For convenienc...


High energy breakbeat track with lots of electronic elements, gained guitars and rocky drums. Ideal for any extreme sport, action, gaming and racing video.

Lolita, Streets of Havana

A groovy and smooth latin cuban style background track with spanish vocals (not included in instrumental) Typical Salsa percussion piano guitar and double bass with a subtle electronic underlying beat. Perfect for any video project that needs that latin spice.

A Bird's Eye View

The mystical piano melody and epic cinematic strings takes you on an inspirational journey, flying into adventure and wonder. With a strong chill step beat, luscious synths and awe inspiring cymbal swells. Perfect for high quality aerial footage and many other dramatic, cinematic and inspirational ...

Guitar Slinger

A melodic, mid-tempo, Bob Seger type instrumental with nice rhythmic guitar-driven bluesy feel, with a subtle use of keys, electronic drums, nice standard song structure musical changes and feel-good guitar solo.
Yann Keerim
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