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Upbeat Inspiring Corporate Background

Introducing "Upbeat Inspiring Corporate Background" - The Ultimate Soundtrack for Success! This uplifting and energetic music track is the perfect solution. With its enchanting piano, modern vibe, and infectious rhythm and electric guitars, it sets the stage for success. Whether it's a corporate or...

Police Chase

A wild, driving and aggressive trap music track. It features a drum beat, synths and sound effects. Perfect for commercials that need to convey tension, speed and adrenaline, car chase scenes, trailers, clips, extreme sports, video game content, motion graphics, promos, TV spots, car test drive, You...

Secret Love (Nostalgic Piano and Orchestra)

A calm and melodic piano with soft orchestra background, a melancholic oboe melody and an emotional orchestra finale. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional atmosphere is needed.

Until the End

A heroic brass melody over strings ostinato and epic percussion. Great for action trailers, epic videos, films, advertising and video games.

Empty Hourglass

Soft piano and strings background with a sparse violins melody, creating a calm and slow moving atmosphere. Great for background music in films, presentations, videos and other emotional content.

Your Hand in Mine

A soft piano and strings track with a sentimental and nostalgic atmosphere, ideal for background music in presentations, films, wedding videos and other emotional content.

Funk (Dance Like Crazy)

This is a track with energetic and dances mood. In the track you will hear a funk guitars, bass and groove drums. Perfect for commercials, business projects, vacation videos, cooking programs, YouTube videos, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, radio, TV, TV shows, films, trailers, games, sports...

Acoustic (Unspoken Words)

Happy – light, uplifting and positive acoustic track. This music perfect for creative commercial, slideshow, TV advertising, art, business, corporate projects, travel project, adventure, technology and innovations, beauty of nature, landscapes, lifestyle, fishing videos, presentation, family vide...

The Tunnel

The Tunnel is an ambient, electronic, mystical track with atmospheric pads, airy plucks, glitchy beats and different electronic movements. It`s good for ads, scientific or tech vlogs, documentaries, promo videos, podcast and videos about beauty of our world. Available in Full, Short, Loop, 60 and 30...

A Bit Of Euphoria

A retro, positive, and fantasylike chiptune track with happy dreamy vibes. Great for gaming content and kitsch programming. Key of C major
Yann Keerim
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