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La Vuelta [Cumbia Clarinet Latin Fun Happy Travel]

La Vuelta is a fun and carefree latin cumbia track featuring clarinet, melodica, latin percussion and bass, creating lighthearted mood. Perfect for travels to south america, tropical and caribbean places, ethnic, food, restaurants, vlogs, cooking, vacation, summer, landscapes, celebration, and more.

Voy Pa Huila [Latin Cumbia South America Travel World Organic]

Voy Pa Huila (Latin Cumbia South America Travel World Organic) - Voy Pa Huila - Easy going accordion, latin percussion, acoustic and electric guitar play together in a bright, breezy Cumbia track. Perfect for latin content, travel, road trips, latin food, cooking and restaurants, documentaries, vl...

Feel Supported [Acoustic Guitar Solo Folk Warm Nature Feel Good]

Feel Supported is a fanciful acoustic folk guitar solo track with warm and comforting moods. A carefree, dreamy experience. Best for nature, rural, countryside, couple, love, road trips, travel, family, emotional and sentimental videos, health care, medical, solidarity, charity, and more.

Lighting Pace [Indie Pop Determined Focused Decisive Confident]

Lighting Pace is a determined and unstoppable Indie Pop track, featuring acoustic guitar, decisive electric guitar, synth melodies and drum kit creating an enlightened and focused mood. Best for technology, lifestyle, educational, discovery, documentaries, and more.

Reflective Hopes [Soft Rock Pop Touching Fulfilled Happy Satisfied]

Reflective Hopes is a fulfilled and touching Pop Rock track, featuring easy electric guitar and satisfying piano creating an emphatic mood. Best for nature, family, reality, lifestyle, vacation, travels, youth, tender and emotional moments, and many more.

Crossing Paths [Sweet Acoustic Guitar Breezy Heartfelt Comforting]

Crossing Paths is a breezy and comforting tune, featuring rustic acoustic guitar, piano and mallets creating a sweet, heartfelt mood. Perfect for rural footage, countryside, outdoors, family, summer, landscapes, travels, emotional content, love, couples, and many more.

Assured Attitude [Funk Disco Pop Upbeat Bouncy Groovy]

Assured Attitude is funky and bouncy , features an enthusiastic electric guitar, confident electric bass and feel-good drum kit creating a hip mood. Good for fashion, sports, party, celebrations, advertising, youth, fresh commercials, summer, luxury high-end, real estate, and more.

Fond Memory [Heartwarming Happy Acoustic Ukulele Indie Folk Guitar]

Fond Memory is a heartwarming and soothing folk pop tune with cheerful ukulele, enthusiastic acoustic guitar and happy hand claps. Perfect for home content, retail, summer, outdoors, nature, countryside, family, children and kids, pets, dogs, cats, education, healthcare, and many more.

Christmas Time

Christmas Time is a light and bright instrumental tune that creates a festive and cheerful Christmas mood. It features bells, strings, piano, ukulele, claps and an enthusiastic whistle melody. Suitable for any video projects with a Christmas theme, be it a holiday movie, commercial, advertising, mar...

We Made It [Rock Motivational Radiant Sports Uplifting Spirited]

We Made It is a spirited and upbeat tune, featuring radiant male oohs-aahs, electric guitar and drum kit creating a cheerful, engaging mood. Perfect for campaigns, promos, sports, adverts, intros, action, motivational and inspirational content, celebration, and many more.
Yann Keerim
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