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My Little Gypsy Girl

A cheerful, French gypsy jazz, with acoustic guitars, solos, upright bass, female vocals, claps and swing drums, best for comedies, cooking shows, or cabaret.

Dreaming Of Paris

Dreamy, soothing acoustic folk waltz with influences of traditional French bal-musette. Nostalgic and romantic mood, featuring muffled piano arpeggios, guitars, accordion, mandolins, brushed drums and celesta. Perfect soundtrack for a cruise along the Seine or a stroll in Paris.

Satellites Orbiting The Earth

A motivational electronic track with a feeling of building determination and resolution. It features throbbing synths, ambient electric guitar part, percussion and electronic drums. Perfect for commercials, advertising, Hi-Tech projects, technology, promotion, marketing, work in progress, background...

Minimal Tropic

Serious minimal tropic track. Strict beat, modern sounds, arpeggiators and voice inserts. Ideal for fashion shows and video blogs.

Bistro Tune

An instrumental French style Jazz track with a catchy melody. Perfect for vlogs and films.

How it Feels

Inspired modern house track perfect for TV advertisement, online video, radio intro, fashion vlogs. It features vintage synth keys, 90’s bass sounds and vocal stabs perfect for any catwalk in either Paris, Milan or New York. The pack contains different loopable sections, to let you find the perfec...

A Coffee in Paris

An instrumental soft jazzy track with a French vibe and a predominant accordion.

A Fall In Paris

A peaceful acoustic track, with acoustic and slide guitar, piano and accordion. Perferct to bring a smooth and mellow atmosphere to your media video project.

Scenic French Cafe

French inspired, accordion style waltz featuring a tuneful accordion melody, pizzicato strings, harp and strings. Ideal for trailers, film/TV scenes, corporate and media projects.

French Lovers

A charming, melodious accordion waltz with strings, soft brush drums and double bass, creating the perfect soundtrack for a romantic walk, in the style of french folk music. Tender, loving mood, makes you daydream about the allure of Paris or little towns and europeans panoramas.

Good Old Times

A festive folk instrumental music with a nostalgic yet uplifting feeling. A beautiful melody theme performed by string orchestra, clarinet and accordion evokes the atmospheres of old movies, especially italian or french comedies of the 60s, and bucolic traditions.

Drama Queen

Headstrong dance pop with a straight rhythm and analog synths.
Yann Keerim
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