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Fairy Magic

Quirky and curious background music with hesitant strings, marimba patter, playful clarinet jabs, whimsical question-answer orchestral phrases, narrative structure. Suggesting the idea of working with ingenuity, creativity and fun. Perfect for: advertising; daytime tv, reality shows, dramedy; gossip...

Halloween Critters

This funny and whimsical track is for a Halloween party. You can imagine monsters and funny ghosts. It's just funny and funny, well, and a little scary. Orchestral instruments were used in combination with synthesizers and effects.

Tricky (Halloween Kids Funny Cartoon)

A track made for Halloween (mainly) but has many uses . Funny , energetic , playful and ready for trick or treat ! The kids will definitely love this one ! Thank you and enjoy!

Upcoming Argument

This is an electronic hip hop dramedy instrumental, should evoke feelings of sneakiness, slyness and trickery.


A classic theme for Cartoon or Game playing sounds. Stringe ensemble, oboe and pizz strings.

Cartoons Melodies

A classic theme for Cartoon or Game playing sounds. Stringe ensemble, oboe and pizz strings.

Cartoons Melodies

This one is a classic theme for a cartoon or video game! Track features strings ensemble, oboe and pizzicato strings. Enjoy and have fun!


Playful, tricky little number. Bold and fun and deeply eclectic with two incredibly hooky grooves.

Fun Cooking

This is funny and cheerful acoustic music with jazzy banjo, acoustic guitar and honky tonk piano featuring. This is hilarious and positive old school style music will be perfect for cooking shows, food and beverage videos, circus videos, funny and silly moments, comedy videos, children videos, quirk...

Smooth Jazz (1960s Secret Agent)

Reminiscent of the 1960s movie jazz soundtracks. Ultra cool jazz band with strings and male vocal harmonies.

Start Something Different

This is funky and groovy tune with catchy atmosphere and bouncy sound. This dynamic and lively royalty free music will be perfect background for commercials and advertisements, kickstarter company presentations, startup promo videos, business and corporate videos, TV and Radio shows, youtube videos ...

Ambient Underscore (Sutraan)

Like a modern day Tubular Bells, this unique ambient track is built on suttle melodic lines strung together to create a suspenseful textured underscore

Looking At It Now (dark ambient)

Two distinctly different parts.. Starting with dark low suspenseful ambience, building with minimal precision to a contained climax... Where a slow modern rock drum beat enters (big snare)... Netflix ready, contemporary underscore...
Yann Keerim
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