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Dance With the Unseen (60 sec)

A mix of comedy and drama with a taste of the paranormal. Imagine dancing with a ghost in a large spooky mansion. Mischievous and innocently scary. Light orchestra with harpsichord. Quirky and silly. Desperate housewives. Sitcom. Humorous and delightfully naughty. Sneaking around. Solving a mystery....

Sneaking And Peaking

This is a dramedy instrumental cue with light fun tension, great for drama and comedic scenes in reality TV style shows.

Dark And Creeping Background

Dark ominous background track consisting of piano and analog synthesizer sounds. The slow pace evokes a sense of unease and restlessness.

Fairy Magic

Quirky and curious background music with hesitant strings, marimba patter, playful clarinet jabs, whimsical question-answer orchestral phrases, narrative structure. Suggesting the idea of working with ingenuity, creativity and fun. Perfect for: advertising; daytime tv, reality shows, dramedy; gossip...

Sneaking Around In The Ancient Tomb (Eerie, Ominous, Cinematic Score)

A spooky, dissonant, eerie, classical song. Features Bassoon, English Horn, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, French Horn, and Vibraphone. Sounds like someone discovering something in an ancient tomb or library.

Stay Focused - (Electronic Tension Background)

Repetitive, evolving and dark electronic background music with drones, synth patterns and a cool beat. Slow tempo and slow build up, perfect for building tension to a scene, video games and more!

Ominous Lair

''Ominous Lair'' is a playful, spooky, funny, mystical, suspenseful orchestral track in the style of Halloween with a scary and magical mood. This track is perfectly suited for comical horror movies, cartoon themes, tv shows, video games, dark humor scenes, quirky comedy, thrillers, ghosts, etc

Whimsical Sneaking

A funny and whimsical piece of sneaking music which works well with any humorous scenes and comedy bits. Consists of orchestral instruments such as the oboe, pizzicato strings, xylophone, vibraslap and bassoon. Works well in a comedy film, hidden / candid camera videos, prank videos, quirky commerc...

Strange Hip Hop

Quirky, mysterious hip hop track mixing chamber orchestra pizzicato strings with funky drum beat: an original mixture perfect for odd situations, weird or curious scenes.

Quirky Curious Background

A quirky and playful background music based on marimba patterns and pizzicato strings, with funny themes played by clarinet and celeste suggesting a sense of curiosity and extravagance. A common music style often used in tv programs and documentaries for inquisitive or bizzarre situations.

Halloween Spooky Tales

A spooky Halloween soundtrack, that can be used as well as a comical, happy seasonal music for children, or any mysterious mood animation. Perfect for featurettes, commercials, presentations, slideshows, YouTube videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, photography background, viral marketin...

Licence to Dance

Groovy 007 variant as danceable song, which takes up many typical sounds and varieties of famous originals. Perfect as background music in car chases, games, comedy and much more.
Yann Keerim
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