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I have been writing and recording music since 2008 and studied music in college from 2009-2013 and have continued my musical education and experimentations on my own and in collaboration with others since graduating. I have now decided to focus on making Royalty Free Music for other creative people who are in need of some music for their projects.

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Lo-fi Hip-Hop Jazz with Relaxing Harp

A relaxing lo-fi jazz song with hip-hop elements. Perfect for a DIY crafts video, cooking video, etc.

Lo-fi Hip-Hop Jazz with Catchy Vocal Hook

A relaxing jazzy hip-hop inspired song with a catchy vocal hook targeted towards young people, but with and old feel.

My Baby Darling (1950s/1960s Happy Motown Sounding Girl Group - Slower Version)

With the signature late 50s early 60s drum beat, this happy song is perfect for a project that needs a nostalgic feel to it. Beach trip, driving around town, even a crafts, culinary arts, or DIY video. Song has: reverb-y drums, bright piano, Motown bass, tambourine, Rickenbacker guitar, electric ...

Sneaking Around In The Ancient Tomb (Eerie, Ominous, Cinematic Score)

A spooky, dissonant, eerie, classical song. Features Bassoon, English Horn, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, French Horn, and Vibraphone. Sounds like someone discovering something in an ancient tomb or library.

Downtown Shuffle (Catchy Upbeat Motown funk groove)

Fast upbeat 60s/70s-inspired funk song. Featuring shuffled drums, jazz flute, electric piano, bongos, tambourine, and funky guitar.

Beer Break in the Garage (Bluesy Hard Rock)

Tough hard rock blues, featuring distorted guitar licks, bass, and hard-hitting drums. Perfect for anything relating to bars, beer, masculinity, the south, driving/trucks etc.
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