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Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Retro version of Public Domain Jolly Old Saint Nicholas in Andrews Sisters style. Guitars, acoustic bass, drums, vibraphone, sleigh bells, and mandolin solo complete the vibe.

Jazzy Final Answer

Jazz guitar and vibes cocktail jazz bebop track with a lounge relaxed chill vibe. 70s game show vibes suitable for TV/Film and commercials

A happy feel with loopy R&B patterns

A happy feel with loopy R&B patterns, congas and a fender stratocaster lead guitar playing tasteful licks. Relaxed tempo and groovy beats. Would work well as a theme song for game shows, cooking shows, advertisements, travel scenes etc. Instrumental

Super Friendly Ident

Melodic uplifting piece consisting of marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel and percussion.

Boutique Hotel Jazz

Soft and relaxing jazz background music with a warm gentle sound by piano, saxophone, vibraphone, brushed drums and double bass. Suggesting classy and elegant atmosphere. Romantic mood, perfect for restaurant or lounge club situations, romantic comedy cues, relaxing purposes.

Jazz At The Cocktail Lounge

Easy-listening lounge jazz music theme with a distinguished, retro cocktail party sound for classy and elegant moments. Piano, vibraphone, electric guitar, big band brass and brushed drums for an old-fashioned style nostalgically recalling vintage sitcoms and tv shows of the past.


A slightly tense and ambient track that can cause movement in your movie or video. A smooth process is created with the help of a soft piano, a muted guitar, a vibraphone, orchestral percussion, spatial platforms, sweep effects and ambient percussion.

Secret Room

The secret room of secrets and mysteries. This track creates a mysterious mood and alarms with its enveloping sounds of harpsichord, vibraphone, atmospheric violins and effects. Let’s create projects together!


A soft, slightly tense and mysterious track that can make a movement in your movie or video. Created with the help of a soft piano, synth, vibraphone, spatial platforms, sweep effects and surrounding percussion drums.

Watching The Rain

Light and expressive, featuring smooth trumpet, piano and strings that create a contemplative, passionate mood.

Carefree Daze

Positive, breezy feel good track with strumming guitar, vibraphone and organ, conjuring a summery uplifting 60s mood. Great for documentaries, travel shows, road trips and promos.

Just La-La-La

This track carries a romantic and cheerful mood. The retro sound created by guitars, vibraphone, voice hook, and soul drums is transferred to another dimension and relaxes in romantic notes. Let’s create cool videos together!

Fun Swing Jazz

Swinging Jazz with a solid groove, dynamic breaks and smooth, colourful melodies. Featuring; piano, brass, vibraphone, double bass, hand clicks and drums. Perfect to use for videos, movies, commercials, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, social media, Vimeo and more.
Yann Keerim
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