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Hidden Symmetry (Intro)

This is the first piece of the album, although not the first one that I started working on. I was writing short pieces for 6 double basses and this one seemed to fit right in what I was looking for as an intro to the album. It is all based on a single motif that slowly evolves through the counterpoi...

She Is a Freak

This is a hot dance club song. It is sexy, club-banging, and exciting. Great for hot dance scenes. It is a song about a woman who is very sexual and freaky.

Halloween Is Weirdly Fun

Quirky and fun Halloween theme to use in your commercial or other production. The combination of harpsichord, xylophone, finger snaps and other strange sounds make up this typical wacky theme that can draw people’s attention.

Scary Funny Halloween Ident

Halloween audiologo that starts scary and ends in a funny way. Perfect to use in a commercial or product video. Also useful as jingle, intro or tune in any production. The instrumentation is a combination of typical orchestral and scary (theremin) instruments combined with quirky sounding pizzicato ...

Ultimate Halloween Soundtrack: Scary Haunted House Soundscape

This is a dark ambient soundscape featuring ominous and anxious tones and haunted house vibes. Perfect for a wide array of projects, this was designed with haunted house soundtracks in mind. This clip could also help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, co...
Yann Keerim
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