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Garage Rock Ad

A short, dirty rock track, featuring surf guitars, driving bass, indie style drums, claps and tambourine. Styled for ads, commercials, promo, corporate, youtube, instagram and media projects about youthful energy, rebellious youth, fashion trend, new gadget, urban lifestyle, revolution, headbanger, ...

Upbeat Indie Rock

A vibrant, determined indie rock pop track, featuring energetic piano, catchy synths, driving drums, claps and percussion. Styled fo tv ads, commercials, promo, corporate, game show. Creating a hip, youthful mood. Comedy opener, car, new technology, cool gadget, phone, fashion, sneakers, urban lifes...

Quirky Comedy Tango

A funny, mischievous tango track, featuring harpsichord, piano, percussion, vibraphone, electric guitars, bass and drums. Creating a whimsical dramedy, comedy feel with a seductive retro touch. Many edit points. Perfect for humorous ads, promo, commercials and any kind of funny scene. Comedy undersc...

Sneaky Dramedy Tension

A funky, suspenseful comedy or dramedy track, featuring retro organs, authentic wah-wah guitars, crisp double bass, cowbell, shaker, snaps and driving drums. Creating a quirky, yet exciting comic feel. Many edit points. Perfect for fun ads, promo, commercials and any kind of funny scene. Whimsical u...

Funky Cinematic Heist

A driving, energetic retro soul funk track, featuring authentic guitars, bass, dynamic organs, racing percussion and drums. Creating that 70s vintage blaxploitation heist vibe. Styled for action and chase scenes in movies, commercials, ads, corporate, youtube or any cool, but heavily energized setti...

Hidden Symmetry (Intro)

This is the first piece of the album, although not the first one that I started working on. I was writing short pieces for 6 double basses and this one seemed to fit right in what I was looking for as an intro to the album. It is all based on a single motif that slowly evolves through the counterpoi...

She Is a Freak

This is a hot dance club song. It is sexy, club-banging, and exciting. Great for hot dance scenes. It is a song about a woman who is very sexual and freaky.

Halloween Is Weirdly Fun

Quirky and fun Halloween theme to use in your commercial or other production. The combination of harpsichord, xylophone, finger snaps and other strange sounds make up this typical wacky theme that can draw people’s attention.

Scary Funny Halloween Ident

Halloween audiologo that starts scary and ends in a funny way. Perfect to use in a commercial or product video. Also useful as jingle, intro or tune in any production. The instrumentation is a combination of typical orchestral and scary (theremin) instruments combined with quirky sounding pizzicato ...

Horror Futuristic Ambient Atmosphere

Dark eerie futuristic horror atmospheric soundscape. Perfect to use as background track in a game or other horror or tension oriented production.

Dance Funky Jazzy Deep House

Groovy, funky, jazzy deep house track. You can hear a lot of creative effects, a lot of percussion, electric guitars, rhodes and funny vocal shouts “wow”. This track is best for youtube vlogs, party style commercials, bar and chill zone, brand presentation, luxury fashion reviews and innovative ...

Futuristic Creative

Futuristic creative music track with extra modern synths and super groove electronic drums. Mood of track is fusion of dreamy, well being, risky and flirting. This music will perfect solution for new gadget presentations, future projects installations, creative advertising and modern fashion vlogs....

Epic Future Bass

Modern EDM composition with epic synths, huge drums and beautiful vocal chops.

Garage Rock Breakbeat

Freaky guitar track with break-beat dance and Arabic motifs. Full fly! Maximum burn! Your video will stand out against the background of the other standard works. The archive includes: Short version 1 – 0:30 Short version 2 – 0:40
Yann Keerim
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