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Cheerful Acoustic Guitar

Cheerful Acoustic Guitar is a lively and upbeat folk music track. It features a rhythmic acoustic guitar, playful electric guitars, confident piano, bass, drums and bouncy percussion. Its positive sound is perfect for TV commercials, advertising, product promotion, food chain videos, YouTube videos,...

Carefree Celebration

Carefree Celebration is a bubbly reggae track that puts a smile on your face. It features upbeat electric guitars, choppy rhodes piano, bouncy reggae drums and drum fills, bass guitar, shaker, amusing brass and cheery flute. Style: Music for kids. Fun vlog. Quirky comedy. Mood: Cheerful fun and po...

Christmas Musical Theme with Applause

Happy holidays! This is a Christmas-inspired musical theater melody featuring the sound of festive sleigh bells. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, blogs, podcasts, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertiseme...

Hurry Clean Up

The kids were up to no good and made a mess and now the parents are on their way home! Lots to clean up! The elves are in the workshop trying to get all of the toys ready for Christmas. Plucked pizzicato and bouncy staccato strings are the bed for a happy and playful clarinet melody. Fast Tempo of ...

Christmas Factory

Vibrant and exciting Christmas orchestral music with a festive and upbeat atmosphere. Fast tempo featuring pizzicato strings, playful woodwinds and brass and a lot of bell sounds. Perfect for commercials, promo clips, comedy cues, videogames, Holiday's greetings and shopping malls background music.

Colorful Life

Positive uptempo pop instrumental track with happy-go-lucky whistling, guitar strumming, bright strings and drums. Playful, fun mood, perfect for family-oriented commercials and advertising, comedy shows, feel-good productions, vacation videos, vlogs.

Children Playing

Orchestral arrangement for children's adventures, cartoons, nature documentary or similar. A playful and heartwarming piece that can fit with anything related to youth and carefree scenes.

Just Smile and Have Fun

Happy, cheerful, playful and positive track with a simple children's tune. This composition a fine choice for music of your holiday, parties, children’s holidays.

Summer Never Ends

Cheerful, positive and rhythmic background music. This track is created using an acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells, piano, claps, tambourine. This composition a fine choice for music of your holiday, parties, children’s holidays, funny videos, TV shows, YouTube videos, advertisements and many more.

Cartoon Funny Spy - 2

The continuation of a fun, cartoon, detective track created for your animated video characters. Heroes are super agents who investigate mysterious crimes. Make your video successful and noticeable! Let's create together! P.S. You can also listen to the 1st episode of the "Cartoon Funny Spy" here: ht...

Cartoon Funny Spy

This funny, cartoon, detective track is created for your animated video heroes. Incredibly fast, playful and detective melody. Orchestral instruments are the best sound for a track as never before. P.S. You can also listen to the 2nd episode of "Cartoon Funny Spy - 2" here: https://www.themusicase.c...

Guitar and Piano Logo

It is a bright and positive media logo with piano, guitar and strings. This is great for simple animated logos, intro kids video, holiday opener and much more.

Real Estate Logo

It is a calm, positive and bright real estate media logo with piano, guitar, xylophone and strings. This is great for bright simple animated logos, real estate opening, intro kids holiday video etc.

Inspiration Bright Logo

It is a calm, positive and bright dance light media logo with piano, guitar, xylophone and strings. This is great for bright animated logos, real estate intro etc.

Logo Inspired

This inspired and positive logo with piano, muted guitar, xylophone and strings. This is great for real estate logo, corporate intro, bright animated opening.

Technology Glitch Logo

This inspired and positive technology glitch logo with piano, atmospheric synths, percussion and drums. This is great for real estate logo, technology, corporate and science intro, bright animated opening.
Yann Keerim
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