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Hueznar Falls

A funny and uptempo samba piano and guitar track, with bass and brazilian percussion background. Perfect for travel, family, children and old times footage. With a joyful melody and a 60´s mood.

Fashion Look

Cool house dance track featuring punchy drums, funky guitars, vocal chops and sharp synths, with a special trumpet solo in the full length version. A fresh and energetic track perfect for lush animated videos and slideshows, fashion vlogs, sport and high life related projects.

Shopping Frenzy

Retro flavoured orchestral music magically evokes atmospheres of 1950's and early 1960's commercials and sitcoms. With its hectic pace and swift orchestral rips this piece masterfully embodies all the fatures of what nowadays is known as easy listingening lounge music or muzak. Playful melody perfor...

Playing Happy

A happy, positive and upbeat acoustic song with guitars, toy piano, strings, HEY vocals and percussion - great music background for children related content, YouTube presentations, commercials, animated videos, cartoons or TV shows.

Joyful Moments

Uplifting, driving, cool, light pop-rock, Easy-going, sincere and positive. Acoustic guitar rhythm with electric slide guitars. Pop rock track by a steady guitar, bass, and drum grove. Sounds like David Bowie in Space Oddity. Corporate branding, ad campaigns, technology, business development.

Mediterranean Style Presentation

Spanish style track where festive Pop flamenco rumba is mixing with multi layered drums and percussion and lively guitar. Dancing and happy fiesta celebration feel. Upbeat and melodic Latin style track with lively percussion, spanish guitar riffs, acoustic and bass. Full of passion and excitemt.


A positive and optimistic acoustic track with guitars, piano, upright bass and pop drums-percussion. Uplifting and inspirational pop building up with a beautiful staccato piano sound accompanied by acoustic guitar. This is energizing, positive & inspiring high quality soft pop.Romantic electric guit...


Bright,shiny,optimistic and positive track for commercial or personal video projects. Drums,acoustic guitar,piano, bass and hammond.


Starting off with an energizing electric guitar rhythm and skipping rock beats, this track builds in energy breaking down in to lush swell pads and epic bell lead. This track packs a punch with hard Techno beats and deep baselines. Reminiscent of the theme tune to Airwolf.

Agent Latino

A fast paced Latin Drum and Bass tune with a spy/undercover agent feel. Starting with Latin style Piano and Cha-Cha rhythm this track soon picks up pace dropping in to a rolling bass line and breakbeat backed by cheeky acid riffs. The chase is on!
Yann Keerim
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