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Chaotic Drummer

Solo drums track - energetic, erratic, powerful and groovy!

Dangerous Area

''Dangerous Area'' is a powerful and energetic rock/breakbeat instrumental track. Background music for videos, extreme sports trailers, racing themes, video games, stylish hi-tech, adventures, presentations, advertising, social media, websites, YouTube videos, Facebook, Instagram, for commercial pur...

The Chase

This dangerous action cinematic cue is guaranteed to put you on the edge of your chair with its pulsing orchestra lines, ostinatos strings and powerful brass lines. Perfect for any chase scene or any project that needs a little excitement or danger.

Horror Trailer 1

Nail biting horror suspense trailer type track with amazing build ups, powerful low end drums and very creepy melody. This track is perfect for your next horror project!

Epic Hybrid Trailer

Gritty Epic hybrid trailer music full of rise and hits with epic choir that sends this track over the edge. Perfect for film, tv needing that powerful futuristic rise of empires!

Haunted Arrow

Dark carnival horror type track with haunting music box and pipe organ. Perfect if you need bring that creepy clown to life.


Intense sweeping strings, pounding brass, and marching snare that build up to a perfect release of melodic brass and string lines. Perfect for all your epic cinematic needs, Instrumental, Action, Impending Orchestral

Wrath of Poseidon

An intense and dramatic piece suitable for action trailers/video games.

Dark Piano and Cello

Piano solo composition. The music is leaded by a piano and a cello in the background. It has a slow and marked rhythm with low notes. The mood is strange, annoying and it has a touch of suspense and tension. It also has some melancholic and depressive feelings. Very good for dark scenes in films and...


This is an energetic,powerful epic rock track using fast over driven strings, electric guitars with bass and punchy drums.

Politics Of Anger

This is energetic,powerful and aggressive hard rock track could fit almost every action and energetic scene, using hard guitar riffs with powerful drums and bass.

Silent Chase (Cinematic Action Drama)

Cinematic, Orchestral, Percussion, Action Theme, Searching, Investigation, TV Show

The Spirit (EDM Highlights)

Electronic Dance Music, Fast Highlights, Energetic Bounce, Sport, Esport

Epic Electronic Trailer

High energy electronic trailer composition with aggressive synths and a danger and chaos feeling. This piece is perfect for trailers, teasers, film, commercials, advertising, and other media projects. Featuring instruments: Driven synthesizers, orchestral strings, powerful drums and ambient elemen...
Yann Keerim
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