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Haunting, Anguished Female Voice (No Lyrics) with Synth Strings.

Action In The Air

Powerful and fun electronic track. Good fit for action videos shot in the air such as drone footage, base jumping and other fast moving content. The really cool melodies with a driving EDM beat give off a happy overall mood. Giving a sense of accomplishment and success.


Laid Back Dreamy Mellow Jazz Instrumental with Smokey Breathy Saxophone.

Romantic Piano

This is an elegant piano melody with a gradual development of emotions. A gentle, lyrical, emotional melody, performed on the piano, is unusually suitable for romantic films or slideshows, wedding videos, love stories, family commercials. This is an elegant piano melody with a gradual development of...

The Contemplation Game Tension Cue

Suspenseful, dramatic and slightly melancholic background track featuring piano, pizzicato strings and various rhythmic elements. The track paints a picture of contemplation, doubt and reflection and works very well in documentaries, drama, or any other production in need of an original tense music ...

Doubting Decisions Background Loop

Background track with a slightly nervous contemplating tone setting the perfect atmosphere for certain passages in documentaries, film or other productions.

The Background Is Mechanical

Industrial sounding background track consisting of various rhythmic elements. Piano and cello give the track a slightly reflective character. Perfect to use in corporate videos, games, documentaries or other productions that need an energetic and mechanical tone.

Fascinating Complexity

Thoughtful and reflective background track that can be used in podcasts, documentaries or other productions. Perfect to use when you need interesting music that does not compete with other elements like narration. The mood is investigative, technological and slightly melancholic without losing energ...


Inspirational and reflective background track to use in your documentary, podcast, tv show or other program. Marimba, celeste and piano create a quiet and considerate atmosphere. My portfolio is protected by Identifyy. After you buy a license to one of my tracks it is extremely easy to clear it vi...

When the Sun Sets

Instrumental inspirational music composed for acoustic guitar, violin, cello, strings, horns, piano and glockenspiel, ideal for contemplative nature scenes in Films, Tv series and documentaries. Also great for relaxation and peaceful situations.

Night Watcher

Very emotional and reflective epic track, big and humble in character. Accompanied by the piano and dressed with beautiful long and nostalgic strings, this track is ideal for cinematic momentum, documentary or wide epic cues.

Rise Again

Very heartfelt and melodic emotional epic track. Beautifully accompanied and supported by the bright grand piano, this track evolves into a wide symphonic orchestra piece full of emotions and adventure. Its somber beginning caries the track through lots of nostalgia, rather romantic and reflective, ...

Epic music 2

epic orchestra for cinema inspirational, heroic, motivational, determined Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus /

Epic cinema 8

atmosphere with choirs angelic and suspicious children choirs heroic and adventure Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus /

Emotional Solitude Piano Background

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is Soundtrack Background music and the mood is sentimental and calm. The music is very expressive and is a perfect background for intimacy and emotional calm scenes in advertising, films, tv series, documentaries and other media projects with similar...

Reflection Piano Background

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The music is slow, calm and emotional, and is a perfect background for reflective and melancholic scenes in tv series and films. This music expresses loneliness, with a down mood.

Sad Reflective Cinematic Background

Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The style is Classical Soundtrack music, the mood is sad and emotional, and the play is plenty of expressiveness. The music starts with the piano playing the main notes of the composition. Then, the music gains expressiveness and emotion with the inco...

Calm Poignant Background

Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is classical soundtrack and the mood is calm with a little melancholy. The composition starts with the piano playing the main notes, then music increases emotion and intensity with the incorporation of strings and pecussion. This music is a pe...

Melancholic Piano in Nature

Instrumental music made for piano solo. Beautiful and sweet, the style is soundtrack classical music and the mood is poignant, sentimental and peaceful, with a melancholic expressive touch. This music is aperfect background for quiet and melancholic situations in nature and sentimental and quiet sit...
Yann Keerim
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