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An inspiring, beautiful and emotional piece of music. Perfect for romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, film projects, television…

Positive Hopeful Underscore

A lively, modern organic underscore track, featuring bright piano, energetic strings, interesting acoustic textures and patterns, driving drums and light percussion. Creating an optimistic, determined mood. For stories of hope, persistent optimism, growing faith, increasing belief, human interest, f...

Emotional Empathy

A gentle, tender organic background track, featuring expressive bell piano, beautiful strings, bowed metals and soft drums. Styled for subtle underscore in ads, commercials, corporate media, documentary or any kind of honest, heartfelt scene. Nursing home, hospital, nostalgia, autumn of life, human ...

Positive Expectatiton Underscore

A subtle, modern organic underscore track, featuring intimate felt piano, soft strings, interesting textures and light percussion. Creating a hopeful and expectant mood. For stories of faint hope, persistent optimism, growing faith, increasing belief, human interest, emotional decision. Perfect back...

Positive Carefree Underscore

A lighthearted, emotional underscore track, featuring expressive dulcimer, intimate felt piano and beautiful soft strings. Creating a delicate, optimistic mood. Perfect for ads, commercials, corporate, youtube, documentary, feature film and any kind of heartfelt, honest scene.

Lofi Sleepy Waves

Atmospheric and delicate, with lo-fi chillwave elements, where recording imperfections and glitches are a core feature, like audible vinyl noise which increase analog warmth and retro feel. Jazzy electric piano and hip-hop beat for a cool and relaxing mood.

Charming Technology

Background electro ambient music with a mellow and pulsating sound. Glitchy drums, echoing synths and warm pads create a reflective and focused mood. Perfect for design related advertising, technology and science content.

Brahms Lullaby

An orchestral arrangement of the beautiful and classic lullaby composed by Johannes Brahms (d 1897), full of tender piano and woodwinds, lush strings, and pulling harmonies. Great for bedtime related advertisements and promotions.


A slow and gentle track to ease your stress. Perfect for nature, nostalgia, relaxation, meditation, YouTube and much more.

Oh, How a Rose E'er Blooming

Delicate and unique solo piano version of the classic public domain Christmas and Advent hymn "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming." Perfect for holiday church services, offertory, prayer time, or quiet reflection.

Cafe Chillout & Dream Lounge

Cafe Chillout & Dream Lounge. Wonderfully relaxing and laid-back. Ideal for the drive along the sunshine coast with Cafe-del-Mar experience, Ibiza holiday fun & beach party. Great for TV travel channels, documentaries & Cafe/Lounge background music.

Easy listening slow pop track

Easy listening slow pop track with male vocals. Features spacious and gentle keyboards, chill guitar and pads. Great for lounge and chill music.

Soft downtempo lounge chill-out pop track

Soft downtempo lounge chill-out pop track with electric guitar performance and synth background. Pensive, creative and fashion style. Usefull for backgrounds, corporate or for Commercials/TV themes. Documentary, chill-out lounge club.

Dreamy Ambient Pop track

Dreamy Ambient Pop track with beautiful sounds and a soft rhythm conveying the feeling of hope and release. Perfect for productions that need a chilled out beautiful vibe. I hope this stylish composition can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.

Sweet acoustic track with guitar

Sweet acoustic track with guitar and lively percussion. Great for commercials, videos, photo slideshows, presentations, websites, slideshows, YouTube videos, business presentations, advertising, sports, TV, movies, cartoons.

Bright and delicate tune

A light, transparent, bright and delicate, mid-tempo, easy-going and melodic tune. Good for commercials, visual presentations, corporate messages and more. Joyful, Easy going, pretty and quaint. Green values, environment friendly, cosy and reassuring.

Gentle Piano

A slow and relaxing piano track that’s great for romance, nature, nostalgia, YouTube or anything peaceful.
Yann Keerim
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