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Vanilla Sky

Sentimental, and dreamy background track with piano, strings. Perfect for love story, wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations.

Hiding My Emotions

Gentle piano and guitar track filled with emotion and melancholy


Classical harpsichord piece with authentic period-piece sound

Free Flowing

Inspirational ambient piece with piano, cool beat and sweeping synth pads

Follow Your Heart

Gentle atmospheric piece with piano, guitar and subtle pads

Feeling Melancholy

Pleasant, easy going piece with guitar and light percussion

In Search Of Meaning

Dreamy, melancholic piece with acoustic guitar, delicate piano and light backing...

Beautiful Sentiments

Emotional piece with piano and orchestra. Feeling of longing and melancholy. Very Hollywood sounding.

Take A Chance

Romantic piece with sense of melancholy. Piano, harmonica, strings and bass.

Good Old Fashioned Blues

Classy, laid-back blues track with piano and full band backing. Elegant, sophisticated lounge feel.

The Deeper You Go

Emotional film score piece with deep orchestral string arrangements. Great for dramatic background music.

So Delicate And Touching

Emotional, sweet piece with delicate piano and orchestral arrangements. Great for romantic, sentimental background music!

Eastern Survival

Dramatic, orchestral cinematic track with eastern feel. Mysterious and spacious.

To The Sea (Pacific - Maori)

A simple track filled with longing and melancholy. Flutes with a lot of movement and underlying bass tones combine to create a feel of loss and hope in equal measure.

Synthetic (Blade Runner - Sci-Fi)

A subdued instrumental piece which perfect for a sci-fi movie, advertising or corporate. Synth pads give the track a dark feel. Use of synthesizer makes this a great underscore track. Perfect for a trailer or background for a space scene, space travel and alien civilizations. A desolate, lonely feel...

Into the Light

Electro cue. Neutral underscore which could be used for a backstory and works well under dialogue. Understated but with an interesting vibe.


A spacious guitar based track with a feeling of melancholy. The music picks up a gear halfway through before reaching a more positive ending.

Gazing In The Mirror

Experimental Pop/Rock track solid groove, spacey synths and guitars. Builds gradually throughout. Great for film score!

Fork In The Road

Ethereal Pop track with spacey synths, guitar and rhythmic percussion lines.
Yann Keerim
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