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Bayou Waltz

A downbeat Americana track complete with acoustic guitars, nickleharp, mandolin and a pounding beat. Great for documentaries and evoking life in the southern states.

If The Creek Don't Rise

A modern take on the blues with huge drums, 808 bass and roaring guitars. Great for Americana, bikers, westerns, etc.

Gallows Hill

A stylish modern drama/horror score with minimalist strings, synth and Tibetan bowls. A great tense scene setter with plenty of room for edits.

Jingle Bells Rock Guitar

A rabble rousing rock guitar version of the Christmas classic. Complete with grinding bass, punchy drums and twin guitar harmonies.

Winter Waltz

A heart warming orchestral waltz in a big lush Hollywood style. Perfect for romance/fantasy.


A sizzling Cuban influenced track featuring brass, piano and layered percussion. Upbeat and fun, perfect for imparting that Latin party vibe.


Tchaikovsky's classic rendered as a stunning mock up. Taken from the famous Nutcracker ballet, Trepak is an exhilarating fast paced ride from start to finish. Perfect for period pieces, Christmas themed media, etc.

In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Grieg's Classic rendered as a stunningly real mockup. Grandiose and larger than life, 'Mountain King' is a slow builder that moves towards a huge triumphant end.

Figaro Overture

A realistic mockup from an excerpt of the 'Marriage Of Figaro' overture. Perfect for conveying elegance and opulance.

Cheeky Light Underscore

Featuring pizz strings, celesta, harp and bass clarinet. Constantly shifting, yet unobtrusive. Perfect for quirky segments, kids and playful moods in general.

Midnight Somewhere

Upbeat atmospheric synth pop in the vein of bands like M83, Muna et al. Perfect for sports or travel.

Go Lightly

A charming and quirky underscore, featuring pizz solo strings, celesta and bass clarinet. Perfect for Youtube.

Cabinet Of Curiosity

Light hearted background music featuring pizz strings, celesta, glockenspiel and percussion. Perfect for Youtube videos and productions where a light or neutral tone is required.

Now Is The Time

Energizing upbeat indie pop featuring big synths and crunchy guitars. Perfect for sports, team building, corporate, triumph over adversity and productions where a healthy dose of positive energy is required.


Dark, gothic and terrifying. Featuring a full choir and orchestra, Vampyr is a slow intense build to a very satisfying finish. Great for games, trailers, etc.

Time Stood Stil

An atmospheric piece that promotes spirituality, love and optimism. Could be used in corporate promotions, elegant multimedia packages, self-motivational pieces. Highly contemporary, and very adaptable.

The Old Sweet Shop

Rumpering along in a spooky, cobweb-laden procession, this work is a fun and light hearted interpretation of the working environment of mad-cap scientists, menacing barbers, and old crones that poison the candy of little children everywhere. Highly suggestible track that presents a range of media op...

The Black Forest

A slow and creepy orchestral backdrop for horror, storytelling, etc.

Texas Shuffle

Dirty Blues Rock that evokes spit and sawdust bars, bourbon and bbq pits.

Sunny Days

Optimistic and upbeat pop, featuring electric piano, glockenspiel on a bed of funky congas/bass. Great for underscoring a positive message.

Stars Collide Tonight

Driving rock pop, with a big thematic chorus. In the style of Jimmy Eat World, Twilight Singers,etc.
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