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East Asia

Ethnic and atmospheric asian music! Perfect for projects with ethnic color of Asia. This ethereal music will create outstanding atmosphere and mood in your projects. Enjoy the spirit of East Asia!

Asian Cinematic

Dramatic sad asian style music with native instruments. Perfect choice for filming, fantasy asian video, Spring or Autumn festival and anothers

Weekend in China

An inspiring, royalty free orient adventure theme, includes cinematic strings and brass, flute, epic drums, cymbalom, deep piano, pads and some transition effects, ideal for cinema soundtracks, cartoons, trailers, teasers, movies, video games, youtube videos, tv shows, gopro and discovery projects.

The Yellow River

Calm and meditative ambient track with cinematic harp, flute, cello, piano, deep pads, ethnic vocals and groovy beat, best choice for videos and reports about east asia, video games, movies, advertising, natatgeowild,discovery and nature videos

The Dragon Warrior

An inspiring, royalty free funny adventure theme. Music intro is calm and wandering, main and chorus theme are groovy, fun and heroic. Includes cinematic strings and brass, flute, bass guitar, acoustic drums, pads and some transition effects. Best choice for cinema soundtracks, trailers, teasers, mo...

Emperor Of China

Festive and upbeat Chinese cinematic music with powerful and energetic sound, it's perfect for getting your audience in a celebratory mood, especially during the Chinese New Year season and other national holidays. Featuring traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa, erhu and guzheng, as well...

The China

Asian, China, Japan, exotic and relaxing, perfect as background music for documentaries, news, YouTube videos, movies, games.


Perfect for cinematic background, games and movies, tv, historical videos, documentaries, and many more!


An oriental Asian music track in far east mood featuring saz, Taiki, violins, and percussion. Perfect near and far eastern atmosphere, documentary, movie, travel acoustic backgrounds, and more!

Chinese Corporate Logo

This eastern corporate logo has a stereotypical sound of chinese martial arts movies. It is an excellent intro, stinger or logo for anything relating to Asia.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is a Chinese traditional-style relaxing piece of music dedicated to the beauty of nature. Played by Gu Zhen and flute.

Asian Melancholy

This is an Asian style melancholic track played by guzheng and strings.

Travel China

Travel China is a relaxed Asian Pop instrumental, which is perfect for any material relating to China or Asia. The Chinese percussion, flute and zither ad the ethnic flavor to this piece of music and your project as well.

Chinese New Year 2022

A happy, upbeat and inspirational Chinese New Year track featuring traditional Chinese instruments such as erhu, guzheng, yangqin and xiao together with a full orchestra and uplifting percussion, perfect for Chinese New Year, Chinese Moon Festival, Chinese Mid-Autumn festival celebrations, advertisi...

Dragon Walk Logo

A festive and inspiring royalty free traditional Logo, with Erhu, Pipa, Guzheng, Yangqin, and Strings. Perfect to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Yann Keerim
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