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Temple Of Time (Melancholic Anime Lofi Song)

Dreamy and melancholic lofi track with a piano melody inspired by classic anime soundtracks. Available with thunderstorm sounds for a more profound atmosphere. Perfect as background for youtube videos, vlogs, corporate videos, business projects, advertising and more.

Power Sashimis [Traditional Japanese]

A traditional Japanese styled royalty free track, with taikos, shamisen, shakuhachi and Koto. Best for travel videos,Japanese documentaries, nature and historical contents.

Retro Chiptune Exciting (Loop)

This is a 8-bit / chiptune retro music. Great for pixel and arcade games, vlogs, letsplay videos, advertising, presentations, teasers, trailers, slideshows and many others.

Dark Temple

A dark, mysterious, thrilling track. Perfect for dark, enigmatic settings concealing a greater mystery beneath the surface.


Perfect for cinematic background, games and movies, tv, historical videos, documentaries, and many more!


A dark, mysterious, thrilling track. Perfect for dark, space settings concealing a greater mystery.

Chinese Corporate Logo

This eastern corporate logo has a stereotypical sound of chinese martial arts movies. It is an excellent intro, stinger or logo for anything relating to Asia.

Peaceful Himalaya

A relaxed ethnic song with nice flutes and bells. Perfect for anything relating to Asia and the Himalayas.

Mysterious Chiptune Retro 8bit (Loop)

Chiptune based on classic Gameboy's sound unit. Retro receipt of 4 channels of simple synth waves. This tune has a mysterious, fantasy and adventure mood. It loops seamlessly

Spirit of India

A beautiful Indian music piece with a smooth and hypnotic build-up that conveys spiritual journeys, colorful temples, healing ceremonies and more. Features traditional Indian instruments : Sitar, Tampura, Bansuri and Tabla. Great fit for documentaries about India traditions and customs, meditative,...

Punch Drunk

Heavy, Edgy, Hard Driving Alternative Guitar Rock Instrumental. Lots of Power.

Meditative Atmosphere

Relaxing music with useing electronic sounds. This is nice for indie games, meditation, relaxation, and more.

Meditation Relax

Meditative ambient track with glass sounds for relaxation, yoga, indie games and other objects on an abstract.

For Meditation

Meditative track using glass bells for relaxation, yoga, background music for indie games and much more.

Shaolin Temple

An orchestral epic song with ethnic Chinese instruments, like Chinese drums and bamboo flute. Suitable for Kung Fu and traditional martial arts movies and games. Also perfect for trailers, presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu and China.

Forgotten Temples

Ethereal cinematic soundtrack featuring with flowing latin choir, gentle orchestral strings, episodic magical harp.
Yann Keerim
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