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Based in Berlin, Germany, Fabian Kreutzer is a professional composer and producer who works in diverse musical genres and styles including Cinematic, Ambient, Hip Hop, World, and Ethnic. His compositions are unique and span moods from positive, uplifting, and upbeat to tension-filled, thrilling, and dramatic. His music has placed in Documentaries, Games, and YouTube videos. Combining musical elements from around the globe, Fabian’s tracks are perfect for TV, Film, Commercials, motivational, meditation, and lifestyle presentations, and more.

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Lofi Samurai

A relaxing Asian lofi hip-hop instrumental blended with acoustic guitar. Perfect for video blogs, podcasts and video games.

Samurai Vibe

A bouncy Asian hip-hop instrumental that makes your head nod. It features Japanese instruments like koto and shakuhachi. The choir in the hook ads a mystical feel. Perfect for video blogs, podcasts, video games and any project dealing with Samurai, Karate, Asian gangsters and Japan.

80s Karate Theme

A meditative 80s instrumental synth song in style of 80s martial arts movies. Perfect for video games, movie scenes, documentaries, video blogs and any project dealing with Karate, traditional martial arts, Japan and the 80s.

Kung Fu Legend

An epic and heroic orchestral composition featuring Chinese dizi bamboo flute. Perfect for video games, movie scenes, documentaries, video blogs and any project dealing with kung fu, traditional martial arts and ancient China.

Chinese Emperor

Chinese Emperor is an epic orchestral piece of music combined with a female singing voice bringing you back in the ancient China behind the walls of the Emperor’s palace.

Chillin At The Beach

A relaxed Hip-Hop summer loop with 808 drums, smooth synths and chilled bass. Imagine cruising with a boat around Caribbean beaches, light waves reflecting sunbeams and life just feels great. That’s “Chillin At The Beach”.

Organic Lifestyle

Organic Lifestyle is a light and uplifting piece of guitar music with claps which turns into an uplifting piece of music. It creates positive feelings. Perfect music for commercials and presentaion for organic products and health products.

Welcome To Wonderland

Welcome To Wonderland is smooth and mysterious piece of cinematic music. It starts with melancholic strings, turns into a waltz and ends with a lovely Hollywood piano.

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking is a building, uplifting and motivational instrumental song. Perfect for positive promotion and commercials.

Underwater I Am Free

A smooth chill song starting with stringpads, filtered drums and a sonar sound before it opens up with a male „Ah“-voice and a sweet piano melody. This piece is perfect for any media, presentation or commercial dealing with diving or underwater nature.

Summer Fun

A positive and warm uptempo song with happy piano chords, playful acoustic guitar chords and melody, funky bassline, bouncy hammond organ and acoustic drums.

The Return Of The Hero

A cinematic piece of music which starts with a nice harp, builds up to a huge dramatic orchestra and ends with a nice harp outro. Perfect for trailers, video games, documentaries, presentations and any media relating to heroes.

Vietnam Landscape

An ethnic, peaceful track featuring Chinese zither „gu zheng“, asian bells and a beautiful violin melody. Imagine yourself watching over vegetated mountains or endless green rice fields. That’s Vietnam Landscape.

Tai Chi Master

A relaxing piece of world music, which is perfect for practicing tai chi, qi gong, yoga or any meditation method. You may also use it for tai chi videos or relaxed nature videos.

West Coast Rap Instrumental

Hard piano, smacking drums and funky bass. Perfect for any project relating to west coast and gangster rap.

Orchestral Horror Rise

This orchestral rise is perfect for the horror game or horror movie genre. It creates tension and makes you feel like something evil is coming closer. It ends with two big hits.

Luxury Living

Luxury Living is a laid back chill track which is perfect to promote high class restaurants or hotels. It's perfect if you're looking for an exclusive image.

Ballad For The Innocent

This sensual orchestral song describes the suffering of innocent war victims. The de-tuned flute in this track stands for the desperation and helplessness of those who lost everything.

Chinese Corporate Logo

This eastern corporate logo has a stereotypical sound of chinese martial arts movies. It is an excellent intro, stinger or logo for anything relating to Asia.
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