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Rural Life

A simple, stirring acoustic track, featuring melodica and tuba. Creating an authentic pastoral mood. Bavaria, France, the Alps, mountains, landscape, countryside, peasants, farmers, country men.

Epic Mystical Nature

A monumental, expressive orchestral track, featuring cinematic strings, big brass, mysterious woodwinds, intriguing textures and modern sound design. Perfect for epic nature documentaries, giant mountains, endless oceans, immense desert, infinite rainforest, ice and snow, outer space.

Emotional Documentary Story

A warm, acoustic underscore track, featuring beautiful dulcimer, elegant bassoon, hurdy gurdy, smooth acoustic guitar and light drums and percussion. Styled for heartfelt documentaries, human interest background, biopics, family drama, touching stories, emotive scenes, soulful videos, art house movi...

Dubstep Sports

Dubstep – Powerful, Energetic, Fashionable, Epic dubstep track perfect for Fashion, Sports, Lifestyle, Radio/TV advertising, cars presentations, your youtube or vimeo channel, Glitch FX videos, Trailers, extreme, adrenaline sport and more… Similar artist’s in this style: Skrillex, Datsik, Exam...

Morning On The Farm

This song has a real story. A life story, or maybe a love story. Easy catchy folk motif and pleasant groove make this composition so attractive. Upbeat fun guitar music with stomp and whistle. Good for party, children and promo projects.

Vietnam Landscape

An ethnic, peaceful track featuring Chinese zither „gu zheng“, asian bells and a beautiful violin melody. Imagine yourself watching over vegetated mountains or endless green rice fields. That’s Vietnam Landscape.

Asian Melancholy

This is an Asian style melancholic track played by guzheng and strings.

Asian Melancholy

This is an Asian style melancholic track played by guzheng and strings.

Asian Melancholy 2

Asian Melancholy 2 is a sad song with guzheng, flute and strings as main instruments. Perfect for any melancholic or sad film scene relating to Asia or Asian people.

Travel China

Travel China is a relaxed Asian Pop instrumental, which is perfect for any material relating to China or Asia. The Chinese percussion, flute and zither ad the ethnic flavor to this piece of music and your project as well.

Flying Over Mountains

Flying Over Mountains is an orchestral piece of music which celebrates the beauty of mountain landscapes. This song is perfect for any material relating to flying, mountains and nature.

Peaceful Himalaya

A relaxed ethnic song with nice flutes and bells. Perfect for anything relating to Asia and the Himalayas.

World Of Ice

An uplifting piece of music played by orchestra and piano. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with mountains, ice nature and travel.

Snowboard Show

Let’s go to the break! Snow, mountains and of course snowboarding. Beautiful tricks, jumps and falls. Beautiful girls, informal guys, bright clothes, energy and everything that makes life brighter. We present our new track, which conveys all these emotions. It’s a mixture of Punk, Hip-Hop, Trap ...

Bright Mellow Corporate

Bright Mellow Corporate is an inspiring composition with drums, bass, guitar, piano, synth and FX This piece can be used in may different kinds of videos such as: compilation movies, promo videos, product releases, corporate usage and many more. The best music for corporate presentations, slideshow...

Meditative Acoustic Guitar

A beautiful, calm and heartfelt acoustic guitar track with a slight classical overlap. Perfect for documentaries, life stories, family videos, photo slideshows, romantic videos, nature scenery footage, peaceful living videos and vlogs, landscape/forests/mountains view and more!

Cold Winter Mountains: Contemplative Ambience

Cold Winter Mountains is an ambient instrumental featuring sounds from nature and numerous electronic flourishes. Eliciting a calm and reflective tone, this track is quite versatile! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tut...

Upbeat Ambient

Corporate ambient emotional inspiring music with elements of success and freedom, motivational positive mood that great for beautiful business presentations, promotional technology advertising.


Ambient track is inspiring to look into tomorrow. soft drum section, pleasant piano sounds. Ideal for atmospheric pictures.
Yann Keerim
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