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The China

Asian, China, Japan, exotic and relaxing, perfect as background music for documentaries, news, YouTube videos, movies, games.

Dark Temple

A dark, mysterious, thrilling track. Perfect for dark, enigmatic settings concealing a greater mystery beneath the surface.


An oriental Asian music track in far east mood featuring saz, Taiki, violins, and percussion. Perfect near and far eastern atmosphere, documentary, movie, travel acoustic backgrounds, and more!

Follow The Mekong River

"Follow The Mekong River" is a peaceful instrumental track which combines western orchestra sound with Asian instruments. It's perfect for Asian landscape scenes or landscape pictures.

Peaceful Himalaya

A relaxed ethnic song with nice flutes and bells. Perfect for anything relating to Asia and the Himalayas.

Chinese New Year 2022

A happy, upbeat and inspirational Chinese New Year track featuring traditional Chinese instruments such as erhu, guzheng, yangqin and xiao together with a full orchestra and uplifting percussion, perfect for Chinese New Year, Chinese Moon Festival, Chinese Mid-Autumn festival celebrations, advertisi...

Chinese New Year Celebration

Celebrating the Chinese New Year – a joyful and long-awaited time of the year when dreams and wishes come true! This track will fit perfectly into a video project for celebrating the Chinese New Year and the Chinese Moon Festival. The track features traditional Chinese folk instruments and percuss...

Buddhist Chants and Bowls meditation

Royalty free meditative chant music with mysterious mesmerizing feel and ethereal throat singing for spiritual or guided meditation video, relaxing vlog, yoga exercise background, zen ambiance, and commercial business use.

India Drums

India flavored music with percussion drums, sitar and santur. Energy increase to the end of composition. Best for travel lifestyle vlogs, ads about India, documentary, yoga practicies and cinematic trailers.

Gallows Hill

A stylish modern drama/horror score with minimalist strings, synth and Tibetan bowls. A great tense scene setter with plenty of room for edits.

World Of China

Authentic, traditional chinese music for travel reports, documentaries, background music and many more.

Oriental Dance

Exotic dance track oriental vibes featuring saz and mandolins, flute, east harmonica, violins section, uplifting ethnic percussion grooves. Magic bright colors of orient, ethnic sound in this positive good mood music. Well suited for a dance party in the eastern style and travel videos, documentary,...


Atmospheric royalty free cinematic music track, with dark drones, mystical duduk, ancient shamanic voices, scraped percussion and tribal drums. Perfect for sci-fi and adventure films, video games, documentaries, travel videos and timelapse.

Fun In Chinatown

Funny asian fusion pop with lots of original theater voices and a mix of traditional elements and modern edm sounds.


Relaxing and meditative track based on Vishuddha Chakra frequencies with lush pads and Tibetan bell.
Yann Keerim
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