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The Wonder of Christmas

This is a Christmas song with a large orchestra. It starts slowly, spherically and quietly and grows to a big orchestra sound. It is Christmas, the time of love. On Christmas Eve you are on your way to your parents, like every year. It is cold. The snow is high and a light wind is blowing. You have...

Honor and Glory

An epic hybrid orchestral track, feat. orchestral strings, brasses, powerful percussion, choir, synth bass and electric guitar. This track fits to many projects like drone flights, landscape recordings, intros, trailers and other epic stuff.

Nice People

This is an uplifting electro swing song. Using a modern beat with the big band sound of the glory 1920's this song transports a very happy and uplifting mood.

Rise to Glory

Beautiful epic cinematic track for successful stories about motivational moments, motivation, innovation and accomplishment. Perfect choice for corporate trailers and other inspirational projects, film trailers, documentary and history, promotional and inspirational videos, and many more media proje...

Hope And Glory

Inspiring, cinematic emotional motivational and uplifting piece of piano and orchestral music for film, tv, trailers, commercials. Positive mood with string ostinato, building up to a big finale.

Ignite Your Magic! (Inspiring Cinematic Strings Climax)

Ignite Your Magic is a dreamy, inspiring instrumental featuring the sound of strings and various electronic flourishes. Eliciting a motivational and inspiring feeling, this is a very versatile tune! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, ...


Sad, victory, rise from glory, champion, remenise, thoughtful, alone, journey, fight

Glory in Her Mind (Blissful Meditation Background Music)

This is five minutes of peaceful, powerful meditation music. Perfect for restorative yoga, spa, cafe, and massage backgrounds, this inspiring background music is calming and very versatile. This clip could also help in YouTube videos, websites, school projects, podcasts, blogs, radio bits, logos, ...

Inspirational Corporate

This uplifting and motivating music track includes harmonics of electric guitars, powerful drums, piano and orchestral string instruments. Its inspiring and uplifting structure gives you a feeling of motivation, focus, pride, glory, honor and success. it will certainly work well with corporate video...

Hopeful and Happy Story

This hopeful and happy orchestral music track includes harmonics of guitar and orchestral string instruments. Its inspiring and hopeful structure gives you happy emotion and a feeling of motivation and success. it will certainly work well with corporate videos, business projects, real estate videos,...

Hate Me

Hybrid metal track with heavy guitars, heavy percussion, bass, drums and modern special effects

Lost Universe

Big Epic Dramatic Orchestral Film Score with some Background Choir Voices.

Turning Point

Very emotionally driven and majestic epic orchestra track. Building up in the mid-part with a male vocal line leading to a beautiful rich and warm sound in the overall arrangement, it intensifies in glory and epicenes in the last part by introducing the female viking vocal line which adds to a bigge...

A Little More Time

Symphonic and emotionally driven adventurous epic track. Very engaging and beautifully dressed with subtle percussion patterns, emotive violins, and accentuated strings. Passionate character intensifies and compellingly evolves as the track goes, picks up momentum and ends rather vibrant in the solo...

Emotional Motivational Trailer

This emotional and motivational music track includes colors of electric guitars, powerful drums, piano and orchestral string instruments. Its inspiring and motivational structure gives you a feeling of emotion, focus, pride, glory, honor, success and cooperation. it will certainly work well with cor...

Worthy Winner

Strong and optimistic pop-rock track with a highly uplifting and motivational atmosphere. Excellent background for advertising, commercials, corporate and business promos, real estate videos, success stories, career achievements, sport progress and attainments, inspiring speeches, adventure videos, ...
Yann Keerim
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