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Documentary (Crowning Glory)

This track, whilst specifically written with background music for documentary in mind, is also perfect for use accompanying cinematic videos, corporate video, travel vlog, time lapse, tech video, unboxing, car commercial, YouTube promo, GoPro travel footage, tech vlog and much more.

Kinetic Whiplash 6

is an eclectic set of cutting-edge, impactful trailer sound songs. It provides the perfect soundtrack for epic and dramatic TV/movie promos, cliff hangers, and upcoming uses. Intense,action,determined,tension and suspense

Viribus Unitis

Epic regal soundtrack featuring strings, brass, percussion and other orchestral elements. The main theme evokes a sense of glory, hope and heroism.

Power Of The Glory

A rising, cinematic royalty free orchestral music theme with piano bits, strings, big choirs and epic hits, great for sports openers, action trailers, intros, battle or fantasy contents.

Military Epic Percussion

A rising epic tribal drums. Perfect for film/game trailers, commercials, epic videos, military projects and so on.

Peaceful Sitar Transition (Ten Seconds)

This is a meditative instrumental transition featuring sitar, drones, and synth. Eliciting a peaceful and calm atmosphere, this is quite versatile! This clip could help in film projects, YouTube videos, websites, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, backgrounds, motivational videos, telev...

Medal Of Honor

A patriotic and emotional orchestral piece of music. Starting with emotional strings, it rises to a full orchestral theme with male choir. It evokes feelings of melancholy but also bravery and honor. This music would be suitable for war documentaries, a film theme, war video games or a military salu...

Christmas Meditation (Calming & Soothing Holiday Instrumental Soundscape)

This is a calming meditative soundscape created with Christmas and the winter holiday season in mind. Utilizing the sounds of strings and synthesizer, this track elicits hope and inspiration. This clip could also help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, com...

Hope And Glory

Inspiring, cinematic emotional motivational and uplifting piece of piano and orchestral music for film, tv, trailers, commercials. Positive mood with string ostinato, building up to a big finale.

Ignite Your Magic! (Inspiring Cinematic Strings Climax)

Ignite Your Magic is a dreamy, inspiring instrumental featuring the sound of strings and various electronic flourishes. Eliciting a motivational and inspiring feeling, this is a very versatile tune! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, ...


Sad, victory, rise from glory, champion, remenise, thoughtful, alone, journey, fight

Glory in Her Mind (Blissful Meditation Background Music)

This is five minutes of peaceful, powerful meditation music. Perfect for restorative yoga, spa, cafe, and massage backgrounds, this inspiring background music is calming and very versatile. This clip could also help in YouTube videos, websites, school projects, podcasts, blogs, radio bits, logos, ...

Hate Me

Hybrid metal track with heavy guitars, heavy percussion, bass, drums and modern special effects
Yann Keerim
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