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East Asia

Ethnic and atmospheric asian music! Perfect for projects with ethnic color of Asia. This ethereal music will create outstanding atmosphere and mood in your projects. Enjoy the spirit of East Asia!

Super Strength

An inspiring, motivational cinematic theme, bold royalty free epic track with awesome quality and well mastered sound. Includes cinematic strings and brass, epic drums, deep piano chords, synths, pads and transition effects. Great choice for cinema, trailers, teasers, sport and motivational videos, ...

Spring In Middle Asia

An inspiring, happy, middle asian magic track with mood of spring festival called "Navruz".Energetic and bright hybrid ethno sound, suitable for Ramadan, Islam documentaries, hystorical or modern films about Eastern, Asia, Middle East, muslim advertising etc.


A modern, percussive royalty freetrack with big toms, hits, sticks and a drum&bass part in the middle, perfect for sport, action, commercial or trendy video game projects.

Mountain Conqueror

An inspiring, action epic track with lots of energy and motivation! Includes cinematic strings and brass, epic drums, synths, pads and transition effects. This driving music is a great choice for sport and motivational videos, teasers, trailers, tv shows, presetations, youtube videos etc.

Road to the Battle

An inspiring, cinematic royalty free epic track with dramatic strings, brass, hybrid fx, big drums and choirs, best for action trailers, war scenes or games.

Total Domination

An inspiring, powerful cinematic peace with epic drums, cinematic strings and brass, stacatto strings, deep piano, synth bass, atmosphere pad, sub drops and risers. Best choice for cinema trailers, teasers, action scenes, battle scenes, movie soundtracks, youtube videos, documentaries etc.

Frozen Kingdom

An inspiring, cinematic royalty free fairytale theme with strings, flutes, horns, bells, choirs and epic drums, best for fantasy movies, games, intros or trailers.

Legends of Infinity

An inspiring, marvelous rising track that slowly builds up to huge orchestra blockbuster! Awesome hybrid orchestra sounds amazing, powerful and very inspirational! This item is perfect for use as film & videogame trailers, trailer intro, openers, endings, film / movie scenes, video projects,drivi...


A dark, dramatic and motivational cinematic piece with deep piano, epic drums, cinematic stacatto strings and horns, cello solo, pads, synths, risers and fx. Ideal for cinnema trailers, teasers, soundtracks, video games championships, commercial advertising, Youtube videos etc.

Epic Glory

An inspiring and dramatic royalty free cinematic piece with strings, brass, synths, hybrid fx, background choirs and epic drums, best for trailers, action scenes or endings.

The Colors of Fate

An inspiring, uplifting and motivational aesthetic rock music with awesome live electric guitars, incredible guitar solo(perfomed by professional guitar player, groovy drums, rock bass, staccatto strings, solo duduk and flute. Best choice for cinematic projects, movie trailers and soundtracks, broad...

Time of Heroes

A wonderful heroic cinematic track with powerful orchestra, piano, bells, epic drums, sytnth bass and some fx. In this music you will hear the sounds of battle and victory, a wonderful and magical, fantastic and heavenly. Ideal for movie scenes, teasers, trailers, soundtracks, epic videos, battle an...


Very powerful, inspiring and motivational cinematic piece with hybrid orchestra, deep piano, choir, risers and subs creates a specially atmosphere and sound for your projects. This advanced music is best for trailers, movies, soundtracks, Youtube videos, game streams, advertising and other commercia...

The Odyssey

Rising, regal, majestic and dramatic adventure trailer with cinematic strings and brass, deep piano, epic drums, bells, some synths, fx and choir in the final part. Best choice for movie trailers, teasers, soundtracks, discovery videos, video games, fantasy theme etc.

Night Trip

High tech, electro pop royalty free ambient track with groovy synths, deep piano, airy fx, modern beats, and e. strings, best choice for movies, lanscapes, timelapses, tech vlogs or explainers.

The North Peak

An inspiring, motivational epic music with modern beat, cold piano, cinematic strings and brass, pads, synths, transition effects and elements of dubstep in final part, ideal for movie trailers, teasers, inspiring videos, sport and motivational content, panoramic videos and presentations.

Admiral Nakhimov

An inspiring, heroic and epic cinemaitc theme with lots of motivation and power! You can feel a mighty will and unlimited energy in this inspiring music! Powerful cinematic brass and strings, epic drums, grand piano, choir, synths, pads, risers and subs makes your projects unique and expensive! ...

Planet Earth

An inspiring, rising panoramic piano track with awesome grand piano and cosmic delayed electric piano, ideal for landscapes, movie, cinema, figure scating, movie soundtrack, architecture presentations and videos.

Shine of Victory

Exciting and inspirational epic music of victory with emotional piano, cinematic strings and brass, epic drums and cymbals, elven voice in the end, best choice for winners ceremony awards, inspirational and motivational videos, youtube projects, advertising, discovery and landscape videos

Mind of Great Pianist

Modern classic piano composition perfomed and recorded by virtuoso from our team. Very deep and dramatic music with excellent stage perfomance and fantastic sound of Great piano. You can get a self pleasure just listening it in the evening with glass of wine! Elite choice for cinema, theatre, drama,...
Yann Keerim
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