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Insect Room (Frightening Soundscape)

Creaking background, powerful impacts and monotonous bass create tension and discomfort

Thorough Investigation Background

Suspenseful background music track to support media with a tense and or investigative atmosphere. The combination of marimba, piano and synthesizers keep the arrangement moving along. Will work perfectly in documentaries, film or any other media seeking tense musical reinforcement.

Live Action Chase Scene

Intense and suspenseful music piece that is perfect for action scenes and cinematic projects.

Cinematic Metal

Heavy and powerful cinematic metal that is great for action packed scenes and videos. It features heavy metal guitars, percussion and electronic elements that make it a great background music track for your project.

Emotional Rock Ballad

Emotional and powerful rock ballad with clean and distorted guitar. It features a melodic verse and a dynamic chorus.

Cinematic Action Scene

Intense and powerful cinematic action piece with a suspenseful build-up and dramatic melody, that is great for movies, trailers and video games.

Baleful Ethnic Background Drone

A sad palette consisting of real recorded violins and cello's paint an ominous and tragic atmosphere. Small ethnic sounding motifs and carefully placed deep percussive hits contribute to the suspenseful and dramatic setting. Will work really well as background music in films, documentaries, games ...

Political Polarization Ethnic Tension Background

A dense, dark and suspenseful background track indicating conflict, struggle or other problems. The nature of the track lends itself perfectly to be used in the background of your production without getting in the way. There is an extra version without the Duduk included for situations where the m...

Suspenseful Research Background

A tense melancholic background track consisting of different real played pianos, ticking and other suspenseful sounds. Perfect to use in the background of your documentary, corporate video, film or any other production seeking a supportive tense and mellow tone. The theme carries a touch of sadn...

Suspense And Mystery

suspenseful, mysterious, disturbing, mystical, beguiling, haunting theme. Piano with cellos. Would make a great repeating theme for a character or theme.

Circus Of Lost Souls

Scary and haunting circus music with a nostalgic flair and a waltz rhythm using accordions, harmonium and melodeum to create a sad mood of loneliness and fear. ideal score for horror movies, spooky and creepy content, suspenseful scenes and more.

Under Attack

Dramatic and suspenseful orchestral cinematic piece.

Heavy Labour

Suspenseful and cool electric guitars with typical 80s retro bass.

Orchestral Tension

Tense and edgy music for the suspens and action build ups. Features powerful brass shots, fast violin tremolos, deep low strings, percussions and timpani. An evolving tension builds up with different epic yet unnerving themes including an beatiful and mysterious bridge. Perfect to create a tenseful,...

Desolate Background Soundscape

Lonely desolate and dark sounding soundscape made up of synth pads, effects and a gloomy piano. Perfect to use in games, documentaries or films. Also works in 'space' themed productions.

Horror Industrial Drone Background

Dark atmospheric horror background track consisting of industrial sounds, brooding effects and ticking. Perfect to use in the background of a game, movie, documentary or any other production seeking a dark evil suspenseful tone. Will work really well in first person shooters or horror games as ...

Open Questions Background Tension

Reflective and slightly suspenseful background track featuring marimba, synth, piano and other elements. Very useful for documentaries, podcasts or any other production seeking an unobtrusive background track to complete a narrative.

Dramatic Background Film Cue Drone

A dark and dramatic background piano theme sitting in an arrangement of strings, pulsating synthesizers and desolate pad sounds. This works best in productions that need a dramatic and mild suspenseful tone. Think in terms of psychological drama, thrillers or investigations. The piano melody also ha...

Wrong Experiment

Dark trapped track is perfect for trailers, video games and cinema. Dark hybrid electronic music with mysterious dark synths, orchestral strings, electronic distorted bass and create a cinematic atmosphere in your video project
Yann Keerim
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