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Walk Free

HipHop lounge and chill track with piano melody in summer mood. Perfect for fashion show, opener, tv show, background music and more

Palms and Sand

Summer lofi tracks with melodic piano chords and soft drums. Perfect for background, summer, promotion videos, vlog and more.


Stylish catchy and groovy soul music. This soulful tune with a cool drums, synth bass, rhythm guitars and and inspiring synths melodies. Can be a good background for any advertising campaign, travel, rap, tutorial, explainer, TV show, holiday video and more…

Technology Background Hip hop

Chill Hip Hop track with a melancholic feel and piano melody. Great for Youtube lifestyle and technology videos, background for vlogs.

Cool Stomp Clap Percussion Commercial

Fun and energetic percussion beat music track. Perfect background music for a commercial, advertising, social media post, product presentation, ads, radio bumpers and stingers and more

Background Urban

Background urban is a musical genre that combines elements of hip-hop and electronic music. It is rhythmic, dynamic and modern music, which creates an urban and trendy atmosphere. This musical genre is ideal for illustrating commercial videos which aim to attract a young and trendy audience, by high...

Slow Cook [Lofi Neo Soul Hip Hop Mellow Jazzy]

Slow Cook is a smooth lofi hip hop beat with neo soul vibes. Features groovy drums, keys, trumpet, vocal atmospheres and cool fxs. These Lo Fi vibes can work great with travel, cooking, vacation, real estate and vlog content.

Chill With Me

Calm lo-fi style. Perfect for background vlog and blog video on YouTube

Lofi Urban Lifestyle HipHop

This laid back lo-fi hip-hop music track will be perfect background for vlogs, video content, promotions, unboxing videos, reels and shorts, tutorials, modern filmmaking and content creators. This is a hip-hop track with samples, groovy drum beat, catchy guitar melody, and chill bass vibe.

Big City Boom Bap

Experience the urban rhythm of ‘Big City Boom Bap,’ a dynamic hip-hop stock music tailored for modern content. With gritty beats and slick grooves, this track sets the perfect backdrop for vlogs, promos, commercials, teasers, and beyond. Inject energy and attitude into your projects with this ve...

Hip Hop

Upbeat energetic hip-hop track, with cool melody and positive mood. This track perfect for travel videos, fashion and beauty presentations, active sport trailers, summer parties and fan movies, talk show, cooking video, food video, apartment repair videos, slow motion video, bmx video, teenage video...

Lofi Music

Lofi Music Perfect for: urban, street, graffiti, lifestyle videos, fashion, travel and promotion videos, technology and gadget videos, video blogs, and more. Featuring lo-fi piano, jazzy sax, bass, and lo-fi hip-hop beat

Indie Rock Action

Indie Rock Action Is powerful track featuring smashing drums and distortion guitars. Perfect for motivational, extreme, and sports videos, games, backgrounds, films, YouTube, TV advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials, and visuals
Yann Keerim
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