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Modern Couture

A chill, posh, and eccentric downtempo deep house electronic track with a relaxed, artsy vibe. Trancy and subdued with a trap groove and synthscapes. suited for lifestyle content, art exhibits, fashion related programming, and corporate informative shows.

Awkward Situations

Quirky and playful music with pizz strings, jazzy piano, jingling percussions and mallets. Underscoring dramedy situations on TV shows, sitcoms, and documentary. Suggesting the idea of unexpected, like a genius solution or, on the contrary, an embarassing moment.

loony synth

slightly frenzied, fun, eccentric synth sounds-perfect for humorous animation, kids content or quirky content

Silly Sounds

silly, upbeat, zany, weird, bubbly synth/stylophone sounds. Great for cartoon, kids show or lighthearted content

My Limbo

A soft guitar arpeggio, with straight kick and pad sounds

Behind You

An horror movie theme, with a solo cello melody that grows slowly with guitars, piano and drums

Experiment #3 / Sax on Fire

Prepare to be blown away as Jake Bradford-Sharp takes off in this absolutely exhilarating experimental jam that cannot be classified or categorized. Shaping a breadth of genres into a high-charged and pumping collection of Jazz based grooves that work so well with cinematic energy.

Undercover Strut

This is a cool quirky Jazz tune with a live Jazz band feel staring off with a little guitar supense then rolling along with deep jazz bass line, swinging sax, trumpet and jazz kit breakbeat.

Flight Of The Bumblebee

This is a Techno version of Rimsky-Korsakovs Flight of the bumblebee with busy arpeggios and frantic modular synths imitating the sound of the bee.

Quirky Halloween Acoustic Folk

Weird and funny folk halloween tune suitable for underscoring, westerns, mystery and comedy. Featuring instruments: Acoustic guitars, strings and theremin.
Yann Keerim
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