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Devel Himself

For the use in movie traillers, in series like ''Lucifer'', any vampire series or films.

Fun Creepy Horror Halloween Logo

An funny, creepy and horrific Halloween logo. Perfect for your brand identity, digital marketing campaigns, your promotional video content and all horror, comedy, cartoon and halloween related content.

Halloween Stories

Perfect Halloween music for all! This track is magical, ghoulish, spooky and whimsical. 3/4 waltz timing. Featuring a theremin, glockenspiel, strings, pizzicato, xylophone, woodwind and brass. Perfect for Halloween videos, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram videos, commercials, advertising, films, games an...

Crouching Halloween

A mysterious, scary, creepy, halloween music. Alarming beginning, then gradually there is a dynamic, emotional, but smooth development. Perfect for house and corporate parties, YouTube videos, commercials, upcoming Halloween projects, mysterious, nightmare, cartoons, monsters, social media, bac...

Dancing Halloween - Fun, Quick, Frantic, Comedy (120 Sec)

A spooky, fun, cheerful, upbeat halloween holiday music featuring pizzicato strings, xylophone, glockenspiel, bassoon, vibraphone, harpsichord, orchestral percussion, theremin, woodwinds, tuba. Perfectly on any of your Halloween projects such as halloween movies, party, presentation, halloween ani...

Spooky Halloween - Scary, Horror, Choir, Waltz (110 Sec)

A spooky, scary, creepy, halloween holiday music. Alarming beginning develops into an ominous holiday. Instruments features: harpsichord, glockenspiel, toy piano, mysterious pizzicato strings, tremolo strings, theremin, bassoon, spooky brass, dark percussion, choir. Perfectly on any of your Hallo...

Spooky Halloween Waltz

Spooky Halloween music theme with mysterious music-box, strings tremolos, ghost-like theremin melody, skeletal harpsichord to create a sinister and haunted mood. Perfect for Halloween specials, cinematic promos, amusement parks and commercials.

Little Witch

Gloomy, but at the same time very kind and positive orchestral music created in the style of Disney fairy tales. Perfect for Halloween projects, animation projects, costume parties, cartoon, films, shows, youtube videos, christmas video, tv, radio, advertising, games etc.


This is a funny and frightening orchestral track with the use of a string section, harpsichord, theremin and bells.

Halloween Waltz

Fairy, magic waltz for halloween with the use of string section, bells, theremin, tubular bell and harpsichord.

Halloween Is

This is a funny and frightening orchestral track with the use of a string section, harpsichord, theremin and bells.

For Halloween

The ironic, jocular music track for Halloween, cartoon, trailers, games and other projects.
Yann Keerim
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