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High Five Society (Pop Acoustic Folk Americana)

Bright acoustic guitar shines a happy melody over some pleasant strumming while an elegant bell chimes in on certain notes. Acoustic bass and finger snaps get the head bobbing to the easy going rhythm. Piano and an organ-like melody help fill out the delicate vibe. By the end you will be swaying bac...

Hearts Revelation (Pop Folk Americana)

Gentle acoustic guitar fingerpicking melody takes you to a heart warming place. Backed up by strumming acoustic guitar and light percussion. Light piano melody in the middle to complement the guitar’s intro melody. Ending with big percussive drums on the finale.

Genius Mind

Dramatic and beautiful cinematic soundtrack perfect for documentaries, science, maths and other technical related content. Featuring instruments: Piano, orchestral strings, brass, synthesizer, woodwinds and mallet percussion. Influences: Alexander Desplat. The imitation game.

Eternal Garland

This is my electronic/ambient/cinematic version of the first Variation of the Goldberg Variations composed by the eternal genius Johann Sebastian Bach. The last part I played it by retrograde motion and... it works perfectly (of course)!!!

Advertising Genius

Bright energetic track. It's optimistic, uplifting and very positive acoustic track. It's great for children, for motivation. It also can be used as a background of some projects or commercials. Magic sound of celesta and bells bring easiness and lightness in this track. So it feels like everythin...
Yann Keerim
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