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Walk In The Park

Gentle, happy-go-lucky acoustic folk pop track with acoustic guitar and groovy beat

My lucky dream day

Happy sounding instrumental, twangy guitar having a conversation with Rhodes piano and Hammond, leaving the listener daydreaming about that tropical paradise or that long-forgotten fun theme park.

Country View

Background atmospheric music in soft country style with slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars. Suitable for all kinds of inspirational video. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.

Fine By Myself

Inspirational acoustic piece with soft orchestration

Feeling Kinda Great

Happy Country track with accordion, guitar,flute and light percussion. Carefree, uplifting, comedic feel.

Dark Bluesy Nights

Cool and deep Blues track which mysterious feel and plenty of attitude!

Pleasant Day In The Country

Uplifting, elegant piece with happy-go-lucky orchestral arrangements. Grand, stately film score atmosphere.

Good Old Mississippi

Upbeat and lively Dixieland piece with traditional brass band instrumentation. Great for travel show.

Southern Jam Night

Cool Blues/Country track with edgy southern feel. Full-band arrangement.

Endless Sky

Open roads, inspiring sceneries, a clear path towards a better, happier future. This melodic, acoustic track is all about that sense of serene joy to which we all aspire. It is also a very versatile track, perfect for a variety of different situations: think of family, harmony, nature, love and frie...

Back And Forth

A joyful, bouncy country track, with a retro flavor, reminiscent of the 60's rock&roll sounds. Nice guitars, violins and hammond organ, all played by real musicians. Happy and optimistic without being too frenetic or too invasive, very flexible and versatile, ideal as background for a variety of pro...

My Baby (Vox)

Slow Blues song with male vocals and grand piano. Reflective, tearful atmosphere.

Slide The Guitar

Southern Louisiana Blues track with twangy slide guitar

Louisiana Blues

Laid back Southern Louisiana blues track with slide guitar

The Two Of Us

Happy, uplifting rock track with carefree southern/folk feel. Great for background music. Driving beat and cool strumming guitars.

Stroll On By

Laid back, dreamy rock/folk track with solid drums and cool guitars. Real live bar band sound. Emotional and melancholic atmosphere.

Spinning Around

Happy, uplifting rock track with carefree southern/folk feel. Great for background music. Driving beat and cool strumming guitars.
Yann Keerim
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