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Walking on Sunshine

Instrumental uplifting acoustic folk music composed for acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, strings and piano, ideal for happy scenes in ads, travels, films, or outdoors content.

Out in the Wilderness

A gunslinging acoustic country track creating an atmosphere of wild west scenes and the big outdoors. With slide electric guitar adding the perfect country western atmosphere. Perfect for outdoor vlogs and travel projects

Sound Of Rainfall In Trees

the sound of rain falling on tree tops. recorded in the UK during rain shower. Great for genuine outdoors atmosphere

Folky Acoustic Guitars

A fulfilling, positive, uplifting and inspiring country folk song featuring acoustic guitars and light strings. Great for inspiring and motivational media projects, travels, road trips, outdoors content, family, wedding videos, slideshows, baby videos, documentaries and more!

Sunrise Coffee Mug

Warm, sunny and comforting acoustic folk track featuring acoustic guitar, pretty piano, light percussion and warm bass guitar. Evokes feelings of love, caring, inspiration, happiness and joy. Perfect for family friendly content, travel / lifestyle / adventure / outdoor vlogs and podcasts, promos, so...

The Big Country

A happy cheerful country americana track with positive uplifting guitar and piano melodies and a light driving drum and bass. Perfect for any outdoor travel or adventure style video projects or blogs

Promising Days

Catchy and melodic acoustic folk type track with an optimistic feel featuring warm acoustic guitar, pretty piano, dulcimer and lively upbeat percussion. Evokes feelings of strength, confidence, optimism and happiness. Perfect for vlogs, podcasts, commercials, advertising, corporate video, background...

Warm Acoustic Morning

A heartwarming, uplifting and inspiring optimistic track featuring warm acoustic guitar, beautiful piano and soft, upbeat drums. Evokes feelings of love and kindness, sharing with loved ones, working together to rebuild and general situations of positivity. Perfect for corporate video background, co...

Inspiring Uplifting Indie Rock

"Inspiring Uplifting Indie Rock" is a beautiful, building, soaring and optimistic type corporate track with pretty piano, awesome electric guitar harmonics, inspiring synth plucks and driving drums. The track builds steadily, adding layers of inspiration, motivation, optimism, hope, joy and confiden...

Happy Funky Indie Rock

"Happy Funky Indie Rock" is a fun, upbeat and optimistic indie type track with tons of contagious feel good energy. Lively shouts of "heys" and "oohs" add vibrant character to the playful piano and indie guitars. Add to that a super funky bass line and you've got a hit! Evokes feelings of happiness,...

Uplifting Energy

"Uplifting Energy" is a bright, inspiring and optimistic corporate pop track with delayed electric guitar, beautiful piano, playful synth pluck, and upbeat, lively percussion. Evokes feelings of hope, confidence, reassurance and inspiration. Perfect for corporate background, advertising, commercials...

Endless Summer Inspiration

"Endless Summer Inspiration" is a beautiful, melodic, inspiring and uplifting ambient guitar track with a sunny, summertime surf vibe. Evokes many other feelings such as optimism, hopeful, motivational, peaceful, heartwarming and warmth. Perfect for travel / adventure / outdoor vlogs, lifestyle medi...

Inspiring Ambient Corporate

"Inspiring Ambient Corporate" is a slow building ambient guitar track with steady rock drums, gentle bass guitar and soft piano progression. This track will immediately bring you to a place of hope, love, inspiration, courage and optimism. Perfect for indie films, vlogs, corporate background, commer...

Monday Funday

"Monday Funday" is a high energy, fun and exciting acoustic pop track with acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, lively percussion and a cool background mellotron melody. Immediately evokes feelings of happiness, joy, optimism, positivity and uplifting inspiration. Perfect for upbeat corporate background...

Wind And Leaf

Lighthearted acoustic guitar with piano and strings. Perfect background for nature videos, documentaries and much more.

Walking You Home

Soft and graceful acoustic folk fingerpicking, with shimmering melodies. Ideal for romantic & sentimental advertising, family videos and friendly content.
Yann Keerim
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