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An airy and uplifting summer track, great as a soundtrack for vacation videos, or any videos connected with summer, ocean, travels, outdoors activities, for party, family or personal videos. Funky guitars, pop piano, synthesizers, rhythmic and energetic drums and bass pulse, and claps make the music...

Simple Life

Happy, Determined, Flowing, Good Day, Americana. This is an Acoustic guitar and mandolin driven medium tempo piece that has a back porch or backwoods feel. Outdoors and Natural adventure might fit this song's synergy as well. Acoustic, organic, smooth, heartland, heartland music.

Hilltop Drive

Acoustic guitar driven track with a warm and flowing vibe. Inspirational, reflective, positive and encouraging.

Groovin Americana

Positive, Achievement. This is a grooving swampy feeling track being driven with acoustic guitar. Think Southern outdoors or a scene needing an acoustic Southern feel with groove. Acoustic, organic, outdoors, in the woods., heartland, heartland music

Backside of Somewhere

This is a hick-hop , ganstagrass track featuring banjo and guitar. It is Southern, backwoods and driving. This is a perfect track for anything red-neck or backwoods. Duck Dynasty. Swamp People.

Going Home

Positive, Encouraging, Inspirational. This is an acoustic guitar piece with piano and brush drums that has a folk, country, back porch Americana, and heartland music feel.

Happy Corporate

A upbeat, modern, cool and inspiring corporate track featuring guitars, piano, strings, powerful synths, sfx, percussion and drums. Perfect for advertisements, fitness, travel, workout, sports, promos, fashion, outdoors, adventure, tutorials, slideshows, video games, motion graphic and more.

Atmospheric Ambient

This track is an Ambient, Chill out, Cinematic track. This track is very can be used for many types of video projects such as – Video Game Background music, travel and world projects, documentaries on nature and the outdoors, camping and hiking videos, spirituality projects, beautiful scenery shot...

Sunshine Good By

Solo acoustic slide guitar. Americana country feel. Warm, reflective and beautiful.

Southern Skys

Very beautiful warm Americana country track on the acoustic lap steel guitar. Solo slide guitar, reflective and atmospheric.

No Rest Till You

Solo acoustic slide guitar. Very moody, timeless and dark feel. Distant.

Moving Away Now

Moody timeless solo acoustic slide guitar track. Dark and resonant. Mid tempo Americana. Reflective and atmospheric.

Missing Steps

Solo acoustic track on the Weissenborn guitar or acoustic lap steel. Mid tempo, moody with a timeless feel. A little dark, drama, and distant.

Leaving Today

Very reflective moody atmospheric track. Solo acoustic lap steel slide guitar with ringing harmonics. Slow tempo with a sad, loss or expecting feel.

Evening Porch

Solo acoustic slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very warm, positive, reflective and atmospheric. Americana, country folk type feel.
Yann Keerim
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