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Lost In Despair

loopable Dark mysterious solo piano track with cinematic tension vibe. Great for sad, mysterious content

What Child Is This

Spanish flamenco version of a classic christmas song. Nylon guitars as lead and rhythm with handclaps, tambourine, and pizzicato strings. Somber serious intro that transitions to a driving flamenco groove. Great for world seasonal content, holiday themed commericals/ads, and travel vlogs

Karen On The Prowl

Whimsical and quirky dramedy cue with pizzicato strings, cello, percussion, glock, and funny sound fx. Sneaky, nosy, lighthearted, comedic, and michievous vibes. Great for sitcoms, realtiy shows, dramas, comedy, and wholesome programming

Industrial Love Song

Cinematic metal with dual guitar leads, thunderous drums and orchestral string section. Has a anthemic feel that is both uplifting and determined. Great for video games, Ads, and TV/Film soundtrack


Amazing time OF SPRING! When the singing of birds wakes up nature from sleep and the earth wakes up and the spring sun gives everyone warmth and prosperity. The gentle-sounding track is filled with soft violins, piano, glogenspiel, pizzicato, and long-drawn-out violin sounds. A romantic, warm and so...

Dance With A Vampire

Dance With A Vampire is a playful and eerie royalty-free Halloween-inspired track featuring pizzicato woodwinds and strings, whistle melody, and percussion. You can find elements of mysticism, mystery, and horror. It starts with quiet colors, and gradually increases over time. The music sounded lik...

Cheerful Commercial

This is a very popular style of music for any ad, played by a pizzicato cello, glockenspiel and bassoon. Simple and uplifting! Update: Now five versions are included: -Happy commercial 0:31 (with Bell Melody) -Happy commercial Piano 0:31 (with Piano instead Bell Melody) in preview after 0:31...

Upbeat Strings

A short and cheerful track featuring pizzicato strings. Perfect for anything light-hearted and optimistic, kids themes, nature, and more!

Quirky Playful Pizzicato

A minimal, playful and quirky cinematic track featuring just pizzicato strings and a bell. It’s funny, whimsical, and a bit awkward! Best for funny music themes, comedy videos, cute videos, short films, TV shows, trailers, funny scenes, awkward scenes, games, social media, apps and more.

Cinematic Whimsical Funny

It's cute, it's funny, and it makes you feel good! Whimsical orchestral cinematic music to add light-hearted comedic value to your media projects. Best for funny music themes, comedy videos, cute videos, short films, TV shows, trailers, funny scenes, awkward scenes, games, social media, apps and mo...

Cheerful Piano

A cheerful swinging track played with Drums, Double Bass, Piano, Mandoline, Glockenspiel, Shaker, Tambourine and Pizzicato Strings. Perfect for advertisements, films, movies etc. It motivates and makes everybody feel a bit better.

Awkward Situations

Quirky and playful music with pizz strings, jazzy piano, jingling percussions and mallets. Underscoring dramedy situations on TV shows, sitcoms, and documentary. Suggesting the idea of unexpected, like a genius solution or, on the contrary, an embarassing moment.


Hopeful is a warm and pleasant emotional piano melody, with inspiring mood, background strings and pizzicato double bass. Perfect for YouTube, presentations, wedding videos, anniversary, story telling and more!
Yann Keerim
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