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Master of the Riff

An instrumental Heavy Rock track with a very groovy vibe and blues inspired guitars.

Evocative Southern Slide Guitar

An atmospheric, cinematic dobro track, evocating the southern united states, the american south, dixie, southland. The perfect underscore to provide that local color, to create an immediate sense of place, subtle yet very authentic and clear. Perfect for ads, commercial, advertising, corporate, trai...

I am the beggar

Blues song, craving for some love and affection. Self-pitying, yet with a touch of humor.

Swamp Outlaw Country

An energetic dark country track, featuring gritty acoustic guitars, stomping percussion and an iconic harmonica to give a powerful southern attitude. Perfect for commercial, advertising, corporate, trailer, teaser, promo, youtube videos.

Hollywood Funk

loopable Funky Groovy track reminiscent of 70s Funkadelic Groups with a catchy synth riff, funk guitar, drums, and groovy bass line. Great as bumpers for reality TV/Film, lifestyle, travel, and vlog content

Backroads Truckin

Loopable motivational bluegrass style acoustic track with duo acoustic guitars. Great for travel, history, reality tv, and vlog content

Trios Los Punches

Anthemic stomp clap rock song with a cool swaggar. Guitar blues driven song that builds to a climactic ending. Perfect for sports, TV/Film, and cool vibe ads

Sunny Lofi Blues

Lighthearted and jolly lofi hiphop blues track with organ lead, guitars, bass, horns, and lofi drums. Cheefrul and chill sunny vibes. Great for happy and cheeky content, vlogs, and tv/film montages

Simply Happy

Happy, quirky track with dual solo Jazz guitars. Cheerful and fun song that builds with a celesta at the end. Great for ads, TV/Film with a happy theme, and childrens content

Saddleback Rebel

western hard rock hybrid track with swampy and bluesy vibes. Starts with vinyl acoustic guitars that leads to a heavy guitar riff section. Guitars, bass, and drums. Suitable for action, sports, biker bar and roadhouse themes, and as a soundtrack.

Population Funk

Funk groovy bluesy tune with a cool swagger vibe with bluesy guitar riff, driving bass, organ and drums. Attitude is great for tV/Film and ads that need a cool funky vibe

Paperbag Blues

Trap and blues hybrid track with stomps and claps, driving kick and 808s, and vocal samples. Bluesy and sensual. Good for lifestyle and entertainment content for TV/Film and ads

Offline Blues

Driving chicago blues shuffle track with guitar lead focus. Cool, swaggar vibes and roadhouse bar appeal. For film/TV, lifestyle commercials/ads, and travel programming

Leather Swag

Laid back garage blues track with funky anthemic vibe. Bluesy guitars, rock drums, stomps and claps, and minimal leads. Great for bar and club scenes, motorbikes and sports content, and travel vlogs

Hop Skipping

Groovy dual solo guitar jazz piece. Fun happy piece great for background or source music for animation and easy feeling TV/Film scenes

Hands Up

Bluesy hard rock track with edgy grungy vibe. Classic rock vibes with distorted guitars, leads, bass, and groovy drums. Suitable for action, sports, biker bar and roadhouse themes, and as a soundtrack.
Yann Keerim
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